Physiology Explained: How Yoga can treat Corona Virus?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread all over the world and is continuing to affect people rapidly. It acts directly on the immune as well as the respiratory system. The symptoms of coronavirus are high fever, coughing and shortness of breath. This has created anxiety among the population of the entire planet. A lot of people are looking for options other than medicines to cope up with this stress. Did you know that yoga can treat Corona Virus?

People in ancient times have always taken the help of yoga to cure any illness. And in such difficult times, people are again looking over to it. This is because yoga is safe to practice at home and does not have any side effects. Yoga experts have claimed that practicing yoga regularly can strengthen your immunity and respiratory system. Therefore, it can save you from coronavirus to some extent. 

In this article, the physiology of how coronavirus boosts the immune system and respiratory system will be discussed.


Immunity is usually indirectly related to stress. As soon as the level of stress in a person increases, his/her immunity decreases simultaneously.

Many studies have been carried out to study the effect of yoga on immunity. Recently, a study was conducted on 60 teenagers where they were divided into two groups. The first group practiced yoga for half an hour daily for 12 weeks and the second group did not practice yoga at all.

Cellular immunity is usually lowered during stress due to reduction in IFN-Y levels.

After 12 weeks, it was seen that the first group where people practiced yoga had less reduction in IFN-Y level and therefore higher cellular immunity than the second group.

It also reduced the chances of a person getting cold and cough when the virus passes through the nasal passage.

Hence, practicing yoga can treat Corona Virus. It’ll be beneficial during the coronavirus pandemic to deal with stress as well as boost immunity.

yoga can treat coronavirus


The respiratory system includes nose, mouth, sinuses and all other passages which carry oxygen to the body. Anything that causes defects in the oxygen-carrying capacity has serious effects on the body and can become fatal. This is because the body converts oxygen into energy. The same is the case with coronavirus. 

Yoga has a very beneficial effect on the respiratory system.

Pranayam, which is a breathing exercise, increases the intake of oxygen into the body up to 5 times. The more is the amount of oxygen in the body, the more efficient are the organs in performing their activities. Breathing exercises not only increase the efficiency of the organs but also improve the lives of people suffering from respiratory problems. This could be asthma or hay fever.

Therefore, yoga can help in preparing for corona pandemic.


Coronavirus is very dangerous for the human race, especially children and the elderly. This has led to a rise in stress and anxiety among people. In this pandemic, where all the gyms and exercise classes have been shut down for the safety of all, yoga is the only type of exercise that almost everyone can practice at home.

Yoga includes meditation and breathing exercises which helps to relieve the stress and also boost immunity. Yoga also increases the amount of oxygen reaching the body tissues and organs which means it can further strengthen the respiratory system as well. So, one should try to practice yoga as yoga can treat Corona Virus. Also, try to still stay in isolation for prevention against coronavirus.

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