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5 Natural Remedies For Back Pain Relief

A persistent backache? and you don’t want to try a new doctor? Here are some easy to use natural remedies for Back Pain Relief that’ll help you get rid of it automatically!

Back-ache is one of the most prevalent problems among the elderly, as well as, the youth. An aching back will tire you beyond your limits, decrease productivity, and constantly add to poor sleep. All of these symptoms make life a lot more difficult for backache patients.

There are some instant solutions always available such as muscle relaxants, or painkillers. These are great for a once-in-a-while backache but chronic patients need something better. You can’t always go for allopathic medicine as over time, it takes a toll on your body. Moreover, once you get used to it, you have to take it for a lifetime.

Therefore, we have 5 natural remedies for back pain, that count as both, ways of alleviating back pain and preventing it from occurring again. Let’s see what are they!

5 Natural Remedies For Back Pain Relief

Endorphin Releasing Activities

There are certain therapeutic activities that you can try that release Endorphins. The release of Endorphins helps in alleviating pain from the body and helps you de-stress. Several medical studies prove that Endorphins help in restoring pain.

Endorphins are released by certain physical activities mentioned below.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic Exercise refers to exercising in the open air where the muscles utilize the fresh supply of oxygen. If you suffer from back pain chronically, you can make aerobic exercise a part of your daily routine. Yoga is another great alternative to aerobic exercise and has several postures meant for stretching muscles of the back.

Massage for Back Pain Relief

Massage continues to be one of the best ways to treat back pain naturally. You can get in touch with a Chiropractor for regular massage sessions. You can even join a professional massage clinic, which will give a lot of relief to your back muscles. Make sure you don’t do it on your own and seek a trained massagers assistance.

Meditation for Back Pain Relief

Yoga and meditation are the remedies for the soul. Which means they also act as effective remedies for back pain relief. People who have incurable back pain and have had enough medicines are often advised to switch to Yoga. In today’s connected world, there are hundreds of ways to practice Yoga. You can learn it from videos online, or join a Yoga center.

Start Getting Good Sleep

Getting good sleep is one of the best remedies for back pain. Lack of sleep is both the cause and effect of stress. Stress makes hormonal changes in your body and you end up having back pain. With enough sleep in place, you can get over stress and consequentially, back pain.

If you have trouble sleeping or don’t get enough sleep due to a hectic schedule, chances are that medicines won’t help you. So, if this is the case, start working on your sleep today. Also, sleeping pills are not the answer.

Strengthen Your Core

The muscles of the core, that help in keeping your spine upright could be giving you a tough time. A weak core fails to support your spine and even minor stress on the back may result in pain. You can check your core strength by simply performing a “lying crunch”. It’s an exercise to strengthen your core. If you can do 10 in a row without difficulty, your core is in place.

But if you can’t do 10 lying crunches in a row, you need to exercise it daily. It’s rather simple to perform the exercise and acts as one of the easiest natural remedies for back pain.

Relax Your Hamstrings

Not many people know that stiff hamstrings also cause back pain. It is one of those natural remedies for back pain that doctors usually diagnose really late into treatment. A lot of people have stiff hamstrings primarily because of a lack of exercise. Therefore, if you’re out of exercise for some time, it’s time to get back at it. Perform some hamstring exercises to soothe the muscles.

Restore Mental Well Being

Out of all the natural remedies for back pain discussed so far, mental well being is the most indirect one. It’s an established fact that mental health affects your entire body. If you’re mentally stressed, in anxiety, or dealing with mental issues, symptoms can appear in your back.

There are several ways to treat this. You can always consult a psychologist in order to gain clarity about your mental condition. You can practice Yoga at your home which is a great anti-depressant. Then there is always proper medical recourse available to deal with mental issues. The point is that if you feel a lot going in your head, your back might begin to feel the burden.


Backache is an epidemic problem and might need more than just medicine. If you’re a chronic sufferer, you can try the natural remedies for back pain mentioned in this article. A number of these remedies are simple lifestyle alterations that can help you fight back pain in the longer run.


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