Muscle Weakness Causes, Symptoms & Cures

Constant pain in muscles, extra effort while getting up and inflexibility, all point towards weaker muscles. The problem can quickly rise to give you life-long issues and decreased physical productivity. If you’re aware of the muscle weakness causes and symptoms, you can take precautionary measures while there’s still time for recovery. Let’s see how muscle weakness affects you and how to get quick relief from it.Muscle-Weakness-Causes-Symptoms-Cures

How does Muscle Weakness take place?

Muscle Weakness arises when your muscles are deprived of necessary physical workout or when you over-train them.

Both scenarios can equally contribute to weaker muscles that fail to carry out day-to-day tasks properly.

Sedentary Lifestyles and working out in the gym without enough recovery time can make your muscles weak. Many a time, the root cause of muscle weakness could be due to a syndrome or a hidden disease. Health experts have outlined several other factors for muscle weakness causes and symptoms as listed below.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This is a syndrome in which a person feels constantly exhausted, unable to sleep well, and experiences pain in their muscles.

Muscular Dystrophy

This is a condition in which patients gradually lose muscle mass over the years due to genetic abnormalities. It’s often caused due to a number of muscle-related diseases.

Muscle Inflammation

Muscle inflammation refers to the swelling of muscles caused by the body’s response to infection or due to the contraction of inflammatory substances.


It is a disease characterized by acute pain in nerves which leads to muscle dysfunction. It may be the case where Neuralgia indirectly causes muscle weakness.

Genetic Disorders

The most common type of muscle weakness causes is genetic disorders. Sometimes, the alteration of genes causes unforeseen effects leading to weaker muscles.

How to tell if you have Muscle Weakness?

When you’re looking at muscle weakness causes and symptoms, it’s necessary to note patterns that coincide with your condition. Muscle weakness generally has three basic symptoms;

  • Pain in Various Muscles of the Body

You will notice a continuous pain in various body parts. If the pain doesn’t cease after simple remedial efforts such as massage or muscle relaxant, you probably have muscle weakness.

  • Frequent Cramping of Muscles

Your muscles will cramp more often than not. Whenever you’re hitting a strenuous exercise or you’ve had a long sleep, you may get cramps in your body. If this happens quite often with you, it could be one of the symptoms.

  • Loss of Muscle Mass

Atrophy of muscle mass loss usually takes place with age. People above the age of 50 often experience atrophy. It could also take place if muscles are not used for extensively long periods of time.

How to Cure Muscle Weakness Causes and Symptoms?

In order to cure muscle weakness, you will have to practice a more mobile lifestyle and adopt muscle-friendly habits. The general idea is to move muscles appropriately and consume food considered healthy for muscles. We have further shortlisted some curing points.

Fitness Foods

Sometimes muscle weakness could be caused by a lack of nutrients in our diet. For this, you will need to shift focus on fitness foods that reduce muscle weakness causes and symptoms while increasing their health.

  • Vitamin D Rich Foods – Foods rich in Vitamin D such as oranges, cereal, seafood etc. Vitamin D is also found in Sunlight and hence, sun basking can also help.
  • Protein Foods – Protein foods such as chicken, beef, meat, broccoli can help your muscles recover faster, further reducing muscle weakness.
  • Hydrous Foods – Sufficient water intake is essential for reducing muscle pain, which is why hydrous foods and 8 – 10 glasses of water are advisable.

Exercise Routines

If you’re experiencing muscle weakness causes and symptoms due to prolonged periods of physical inactivity, you need to start exercising. Regular routines that target most parts of the body can help muscles regain their strength. Don’t rush towards heavy exercises and always consult a trainer for routines best suited to recovery.

Avoid Sedentary Hours

The modern lifestyle has developed around computer screens and gadgets that inhibit physical activity. This is the main reason for muscle weakness. Even if you don’t get time for physical exercise, you can commit to frequent walk routines, strolls in the park etc. This will lower your chances of contracting muscle weakness.


If you’re suffering from acute cases of muscle weakness, a physiotherapist can help. You can enroll for a physiotherapy course wherein you’ll get to recover from weakness under expert supervision and faster results.

Oil Massage

As a home therapy, you can go in for oil massages from time to time, to decrease symptoms of muscle weakness. Hot baths and massages work wonders for patients suffering from muscle pain. Oil massages also help in relaxing muscles for people engaged in heavy physical training.


By now, you’ll be much more aware of several muscle weakness causes and symptoms. You can pinpoint the ones that are relevant to you and then adopt therapeutic measures for relieving yourself from the weakness. Remember that lack and excess of muscle exertion are root causes of muscle weakness if it’s not genetic.

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