Can Yoga treat Coronavirus pandemic

Myths and Facts: Can Yoga treat Coronavirus pandemic?

While you wash hands and wear masks, the fear of contracting the disease looms large. Coronavirus pandemic is now spreading like wildfire having engulfed 200+ countries. 

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Everyone is asking the same question – “What more can we do to prevent the disease?” Among many answers, one is Yoga. But Yoga and Virus aren’t typically related. If you get common flu, one hardly ever suggests that you start doing Yoga to treat yourself. 

So, does Yoga really help? Let’s check out the myths and facts about coronavirus treatment with Yoga

Facts – Coronavirus Pandemic Treatment with Yoga

People who do Yoga are safer from Coronavirus

WHO has repeatedly confirmed that Coronovirus doesn’t affect everyone equally. People with low immunity levels become fatal targets whereas others can survive it without serious damage. Some people may just feel it like seasonal flu. Yoga is a natural immunity builder, due to which Yoga practitioners have a better chance of battling the virus in case of infection. Therefore, many Yoga teachers suggest carrying out Yoga in leisure time can be helpful in warding off the virus.

Yoga practitioners can also contract the virus

Yoga practitioners can contract the coronavirus just like anyone else. It comes down to the natural immunity of the infected person. If the yoga practitioner has an underlying illness or a natural problem, the same person can easily contract the virus. Therefore, it shouldn’t be believed that Yoga performers are safe from infection. 

Covid-19 doesn’t lead to death in all cases

The important thing to understand about Covid-19 is that it’s not a highly fatal disease. The mortality rate is about 2%. Getting infected with the virus doesn’t guarantee death. Due to a lack of a proper cure for the disease, the people who get the disease may suffer from it indefinitely but recovery is possible. Therefore, there is no need to panic that it will kill you in case you get infected.

Myths – Coronavirus Pandemic Treatment with Yoga

Doing Yoga kills Coronavirus

Can Yoga treat Coronavirus pandemic
Can Yoga treat Coronavirus pandemic

There is no evidence of the statement that Yoga can prove instrumental in the treatment of the Covid-19. Yoga can only provide a tough barrier in order to protect you from contracting the infection. However, it can’t treat the disease once the contamination is done. Therefore it shouldn’t be believed that Yoga has magical coronavirus killing abilities.

Ayurvedic medication can treat Coronavirus

Most Yoga followers also believe in Ayurvedic medication for treating illnesses. For now, no official statement has been issued concerning the treatment of the virus-infected people with Ayurvedic medicines. Hence, it’s a standing myth that Yogic medicines are effective in killing the virus or helping you revive after contamination. They can only help you in building immunity which is part of prevention, not cure. 

Doing Yoga together spreads Covid-19

While clean and sanitized environments are less likely to spread the disease to more people, you should be careful who you’re doing Yoga with. If a person who has contracted the disease comes in direct contact with you, the chances of contamination are very high. It is wise to avoid doing Yoga together while the outbreak continues but generally Yoga has nothing to do in spreading the disease. 

Do’s and Don’t while doing Yoga amidst the outbreak


  • Make sure that the Yoga center or community space you go to do Yoga is free of people with the illness. 
  • Sanitize the accessories such as water bottles, mats and towels to avoid catching the virus from them. 
  • Maintain enough distance from everyone with whom you are practicing Yoga.
  • Avoid going to a group Yoga practice in case there are alerts in your city of residence.
  • Try indoor Yoga practice rather than in open or in public environments. 


  • Don’t hesitate from seeing a doctor in case you start seeing Covid-19 symptoms even if you practice Yoga. 
  • Don’t blindly trust any advice from Yoga center operators or Yoga teachers. There have been false reports of treating the disease with natural remedies. 
  • Don’t attend any sessions that brand themselves as a treatment against the disease. 
  • Don’t practice yoga if you don’t feel fit enough. Additional strain on the body will only incur more harm. 


While Yoga is a great tool to protect yourself from the Coronavirus Pandemic, it is not a cure to the disease. It can only help you avoid extreme symptoms of the virus by boosting your body’s immunity. You must take all the hygiene precautions even if you practice yoga daily.

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