Vasisthasana Side Plank Yoga Pose

Vasisthasana (Side Plank Yoga Pose)

Vasisthasana is the side variation of plank pose and comes under the intermediate level. The “Vasistha” is the name of great sages among seven (It is believed that there are seven sages & The Vasistha is one of them). So, Vasisthasana is dedicated to Great Rishi (Sage) Vasistha. And the meaning of Asana is – seat, pose, or posture. Vasisthasana is a complete arm balancing pose, which directly targets your wrist and triceps. Side plank pose is an ideal posture for intermediate level Yogis/ Yoginis.Vasisthasana Side Plank Yoga Pose

Name of Asana: – Side Plank Pose
Focusing Chakra: – The Wisdom Chakra (Manipura)
Level Of Asana: – Intermediate

Steps of Vasisthasana (Side Plank Pose)

  • First, come into the position of Adho Mukha Dandasana (Downward facing Staff Pose). Stretch out through your heels and keep inside part of your feet together along with lower down your heels directly to the right.
  • After that, keep the whole outside edge of your right foot to the ground from little toe to the heel. You have to keep your left foot directly on top of the right foot.
  • Then, keep your right hand strongly on the ground/floor. Gently raise your left hand along with your torso is open up to the right side. You have to keep your right hand and feet in a straight line.
  • Next, as you turn your trunk (torso), elevate up at your right shoulder to equal it with your left shoulder. At that time put your left hand on your hips.
  • Then, push yourself towards the floor with your right and to extend & straighten your arm. You have to stack your elbow, wrist, and shoulder or you may move in the forward direction to make an angle that helps you to maintain the balance.
  • Keep your shoulder blades strong and draw your lower back along with glutes inward direction. When your hip is slouching forward, then draw it up to stack it on the top of your right hip.
  • At that moment, you have to keep your body in a straight diagonal line from the top of the head to your heels.
  • Next, raise your arm from your butt and try to reach towards the ceiling, your palm facing outside to the left with your face and body along with extending by your fingertips.
  • Note that, not to reach your arm straight up to the neck or without disturbing your shoulder placement.
  • After that, set your eyes in forwarding direction and keep your head neutral (or you may turn your head to gaze at your thumb).
  • Now you are in the final position, remain in the pose around 15 to 30 seconds, you can extend the time it depends on your capacity. For discharging the pose come into your initial position. Follow the same steps with an alternate side.

Benefits of Vasisthasana (Side Plank Pose)

  • Vasisthasana improves your balance and increases the strength of the body.
  • Side plank pose stretches & strengthens your biceps, calves, hamstrings, wrist, and triceps.
  • The best exercise for your arms and wrists.

Vasisthasana Beginners’ tips

You can bend your leg at the knee if you find some difficulties or you can press your feet against the wall for better balancing. If you want to deepen this pose, you can try the Full Vasisthasana (Full Plank Pose).


You have to breathe deeply in each step. Avoid Vasisthasana in case of wrist, shoulder, and elbow injury. Perform all the yogic activities in front of the expert person.

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