Castor: Magical Ayurveda Herb

Castor or wonder tree commonly found in forest or agricultural land at a height of 2000 meter or above. That’s oil is very beneficial laxative and also good for clearing stomach. Castor is also famous for good medicine of gastric problem but use it in very low amount.

Castor-Aerandi-Magical-Ayurveda-HerbCastor oil is very famous and useful for hair growth along with hair gain. Those castor plants which have bigger seeds in size, their oil is used to be burnt for different purposes and the seeds which have smaller seeds are used for medicinal purposes. The external shape of castor plant is 3 to 4 meter high, and some of the lifespan of around one year but some other castor plant have more than one-year lifespan.

Wonder tree plant is recognized as a bush; its stem has pulp and that is easily broken and having thin skin, its leaves are broad same as the shape of a palm. Aerandi plant fruit is reddish or green in color having a diameter of 30 to 60 cm. Castor fruits are spherical in shape and 1.2 to 2.5 cm long and having soft thorns on their outer cover which is divided into three parts. Castor plant fruits & flowers grow in between the month of April and September.

Scientific Name: – Ricinus Communis

Belongs To: – Euphorbiaceae Family

Period: – In between April and September

English Name: –   Castor bean, Wonder tree

Sanskrit Name: – Chitra, Amand, Panchangul, Aerand, Vardhman

Hindi Name: – Aerand, Aerandi (अरण्डी), Rendi,

Gujarati: – Erando

         Chemical Composition of Castor Plant

  • Castor seeds carry oil in which B – Carotinate, Risin, Campetestoral, ellagic, lyupoil, Tanine, citesterol, chlorogenic acid, kwinik acid etc.
  • It contains, risinine glycoprotein, Vitamin BI & Vitamin B6, steric, Casebin, linolic, risinolic acid and castor leaves carry ricinine.

After the chemical composition of the castor plant, now come to,

The Ayurvedic properties and effects of Aerandi

  • Castor cures gastric, cough, and useful in the issue of pain along with beneficial in the worm problem.
  • Beneficial in a urinary related problem, cure leprosy, fever and good for sperms.
  • For women, it is beneficial for their breasts and uterus.
  • Castor is good for skin; it is also the best anti-aging and antioxidant.
  • Wonder tree leaves contain methanol extract is good for the brain.
  • Castor roots carry ethanol extract, which shows its anti-diabetic quality.
  • Aerandi leaves and its external wall contain aqueous extract which prevents fungal infection and works as an antifungal.
  • Aerandi plant is beneficial for eye related problems and makes your eyes clean.

How we can use Castor as Medicine

  • For Eyes Problem

  1. Put few drops of castor oil on eyes it leads watering of eyes (Netra – Virechak). Take only two drops of castor oil on your both eyes during this keep your eyes open it cause tears but don’t worry. By tears, all the impurities of your eyes are come out and your eyes are clean.
  2. Second, Take some barley flour, mix it with castor leaves and make paste packets and place on your eyes it cures your eye swelling problem.
  • For Chest related problem

You have to take 500gm of castor leaf base & mix with 3ml castor oil with the same amount of jaggery and give it this mixture to a patient for licking. It cures a cough and respiratory-related problem.

  • For stomach related problems

Take Castor seeds and make a paste from its seeds. After that, boil it four times of cow milk till it takes solid shape. Then add two parts of Jaggary in that mixture. Take this preparation (preparation name Awaleh) daily; consumption of 10 gm of this preparation cures stomach related problem.

  • Second (Stomach pain)

In chronic stomach pain, you have to take 200 ml of lukewarm water and in this water mix one lemon juice along with 5 to 10 drops of castor oil. Give this mixture to a patient for a drink (Drink it before going to bed). This mixture kicks out chronic stomach pain.

  • Third (For stomach Worm)

This problem is common in children; every child suffers from stomach worm problem. You have to take castor leaves extract and gently apply this extract on the anus of the child (not deep too much just apply it to the outer region of the anus). By this, your child is free from stomach worm problem.

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