Calumpang Nut: magical seeds

Calumpang Nut tree belongs to the “Anacardiaceae” family and this tree is found in India. Calumpang nut tree grows in the forests at the height of 900 meters, from central India to western coastal regions. In Himalayan area (Uttarakhand especially) Calumpang nut tree grows in the height of 450 meters. The height of Calumpang tree is around 12 to 18 meter (mid-size) and it is an evergreen plant.

Its trunk is straight and very thick having a cylindrical shape, the outermost layer is around 2.5 cm thick, black or grey color and very rough. Calumpang leaves are big and round in size (6.3 to 12.5 cm wide & 15 to 25 cm long) when Calumpang tree branches are new, they are soft. Calumpang fruits are 8 to 12 mm spherical or oval fleshy seeds having black color. A kernel is found after breaking its seeds and kernel is ready to be eaten. Chiraunji gives strength and very healthy.

The outermost layer (Bark) of this Tree is very thick & rough so due to this reason it also is known as Bahulavalkal/Kharskandh. In reality, this tree is not famous but it is famous for its seeds, or we can say that the Calumpang nut tree is famous for its magical seeds (nuts). In the well-known context like – Shramhar of Charak Samhita, Udardaprashanan and Nyagrodhadi Ganas of Sushrut Samhita, it is counted.

Calumpang-Nut-chiraunjiEnglish Name: – Calumpang Nut tree.

Sanskrit Name: – It has several names in Sanskrit some of them are – Char, Khadru, Viyal, Kharskandh, Bahulkkal etc.

Gujarati Name: – Charoli.

Hindi Name: – Chiraunji, Piyar, Payala.

Time Period: – In between January and May.

Also known as – Wild Almond.

Chemical composition of Calumpang

  • Calumpang leaves contain campherol, Galic acid, glucocide, Leucocynidine, erlegic acid, carcetine and B –citesterol etc.
  • Calumpang pulp contains calcium, phosphorus, protein, vitamin c, sugar, saponine, iron, copper, thymine, sodium, magnesium, potassium and neiocine etc.
  • This plant contains common and tainine gallotannic, sugar, saponins, and triterpenoids.
  • Calumpang oil are very rich in amino acid, pomitic, olic, vitamin and steriac acid.

After, chemical composition lets ’s come to its effects.

What are the Ayurvedic properties and effects of Calumpang?

The Ayurvedic properties and effects of Chiraunji

  • Seeds of Calumpang are sweet, cool, heavy, smooth and beneficial in a cough and cold.
  • It gives strength useful in sperm-related issues (low count) along with improves physical health.
  • Chiraunji cures fever, weakness, the vaginal related problem in women, blood-related problem.
  • It is good for sperm and useful in pitta related issues and in gastric also.
  • Calumpang seeds having an alcoholic property, which is a good antioxidant.
  • By its alcoholic extract, it cures cut and wound.
  • Chiraunji seeds are cool, so it is good for digestion, cures burning sensation along with very beneficial in respiratory-related problems.
  • Helpful in skin related diseases and weakness of sperm.

How Calumpang seeds are used as medicine?

It’s no doubt, that Chiraunji seeds are used as medicine and health benefits also. Main & most important thing is that it is the magical seed provided by Mother Nature having no side effects.

Here are some common issues in which we can use Calumpang seeds as a medicine.

  • A headache

A headache is the most common problem, form which every person suffers. So, in case of a headache: –

  • Take a kernel of Calumpang fruit & add some dates, cucumber seeds, sesame, and almond. Mix it all and make a paste from this mixture, and mix it with milk or water and administer to a person who is suffering from a headache. It is found to be very beneficial for the patient.
  • Pimples

Pimples are the most common and irritating issue in our youths. Boys & girls face this problem when they are teenagers. So, we can say that this problem occurs in teenagers. They tried lots of product, but in the end, the result is zero. So, teenagers use Chiraunji for once and forget your pimple.

  • For Pimples, make a paste of Chiraunji seeds and mix it with rose water, after that clean your face with cool water and massage this paste gently in your face. Leave the paste until it becomes dry; now wash your face with clean water. After this don’t apply any chemical-based product but you can use Aloe vera gel.
  • Cough & cold

Cough & cold are also the most common problem for curing this

  • Take 5 to 10 gm kernel (Chiraunji seeds) and fried in ghee, after that crush it and mix it in 200ml milk and boil it. After doing this, add 500ml cardamom powder and little sugar. Give this to the patient who’s suffering from cold & cough.
  • You can also mix Chiraunji and little amount of honey to Luke warm milk and give it to your child. This is good for your loved ones (child) and this will make your child physically strong. For variation, you may add some almonds to this drink.

(# Respect the Mother Nature#)

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