Benefit of super foods

What is Superfood ?

You have seen many advertisements regarding superfood, in which particular company shows you how their product is beneficial for you. They sell many food items in the name of Superfood. But the point is, the word superfood is the correct word or not. For more information read this article till the end.

SuperfoodsFirstly, you have to understand the term Superfood.

Many people sell their products such as beans, spinach, salmon, nuts, fruits, berries and whole grains in the name of Superfood.

There is no specific definition for the term Superfood; but many people say – superfood are mostly plant-based including some fish and dairy, which is nutritionally dense and good for individual health. Salmon, blueberries, acai, and kale are just an example of this and label as a superfood.

What criticism thinks about this?

Generally, superfoods don’t have their own food group; superfood is more of a marketing word. There is no exact category for determining what’s and what’s not a superfood (According to the American Heart Association). Consumption of packed food with nutrients (so-called superfood) is certainly a good thought. But the right way to a healthy diet is to consume a different variety of nutritious foods in the right quantity.

People think they can consume them in unlimited quantities when someone labels specific foods as super and healthy. Second thing is that superfood is not a scientific term and nor use by the scientist.

So what is an ideal food

Many Research shows that the ideal diet is one which is widely plants based on a large variety of vegetables, fruits, healthful animal products (milk, meat, fish, cheese etc) and whole grains. A balanced diet is an ideal diet or food, in which equal and proper amount of minerals, vitamins, proteins, fat, carbohydrates include. Follow the rainbow color food in your daily routine for health benefits. Trust on organic food and try to consume organic base food as much as you can that’s benefits you a lot.

Packaged food is not healthful for your health; so don’t be fooled by so-called superfood ads.

Generally, many whole grains are lost its nutrients and it is more palatable & less healthful. Instant whole grain oats are unhealthy as overly processed white bread in that they quickly boost sugar levels in your bloodstream after consumption along with promoting insulin – resistance, diabetes, and obesity(According to Research by David Ludwig at Harvard University).

Leaf of Tulsi and mint from your garden is more healthful than packed tea packs, so use your garden for drinking herbal tea. Try to grow fruits and green vegetables in your garden.

Some useful & healthy veggies combo

  • Bitter guard, tomato, cucumber; these are useful in diabetes. Tomato is very rich in potassium that helps to reduce water retention.
  • Apple+Ginger+ Carrot and cucumber + celery: – It reduces cholesterol, useful in a headache and also for your stomach.
  • Combination of Carrot, Apple, and Tomato, improve your skin complexion and kick out bad breath.
  • Pineapple, watermelon, and a combination of apple; Nourishes your kidney and bladder along with dispel extra salts.
  • Apple, cucumber, and kiwi; improve your skin complexion and useful for skin related problems.
  • Carrot, pear, mango, and apple; helps to reduce body heat along with removes toxins from your body and best antioxidants (For better results use the above-mentioned mixture in form of juice).

Aloe vera, bottle gourd, Olive oil, Avocado, Indian gooseberries, and bitter guard are some common healthy natural products. These are common but have a magnificent impact on our body.

Those products that claim as a superfood, might be healthful but somewhere down the line do not show any scientific proof.  According to scientific studies: Those products do not show that they are very healthful than other, more exotic than blueberries.

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