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Using Essential Oils to Enhance Meditation

Using essential oils to enhance meditation can be a great way to deepen your practice and achieve new levels of relaxation.

Essential oils have been used for centuries to promote physical and emotional health, and recent research has shown that they can also be used to support meditation. The right essential oil can help you shut out the senses that are usually overloaded, and focus on the present moment.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are potent plant extracts that contain the natural aromatic compounds of the plant. Plants contain aromatic compounds known as terpenes,  which give essential oils their characteristic odors. A plant’s herbal aroma is a composite of all the terpenes in that species of plant.

In addition to their aromas, terpenes also have therapeutic properties, and each essential oil contains a unique combination of terpenes that gives it its own unique healing properties.

How can essential oils enhance meditation?

The sense of smell is the only one of our senses that is directly linked to the limbic system, the part of the brain that controls emotion and memory. This connection allows essential oils to bypass the conscious mind and directly affect the limbic system.

When you inhale an essential oil, the aromatic molecules travel through the olfactory system to the limbic system, where they can influence emotions and memories. This makes essential oils a powerful tool for supporting meditation.

The benefits of using oils in meditation sessions

There are many benefits to using essential oils during meditation. They can help you relax, focus, and connect with your higher self. They can also promote feelings of peace and well-being. 

Meditation asks us to shut out the world around us and focus on our inner processes, both in the body and mind. This can be difficult to do in our fast-paced, constantly-connected lives. The right essential oil can help create an ambient environment conducive to meditation and support the meditative state.

Some lesser-known essential oils that can be used for meditation

Many essential oils can be used for meditation, including citrus, floral, woodsy, and earthy scents. Some of the less commonly used oils that can be particularly effective for meditation include:

  1. Blue chamomile: This oil has a sweet, herbaceous scent that is calming and balancing. It is often used to promote relaxation and ease anxiety.
  2. Bergamot: This oil has a fresh, citrusy scent that is uplifting and refreshing. Bergamot can help to clear the mind (and sinuses) and promote feelings of well-being.
  3. Cedarwood: This oil has a warm, woodsy scent that is grounding and stabilizing. Cedarwood can help to ease nervousness and promote focus during meditation.
  4. Rosewood oil: This oil has a floral, woodsy scent that is grounding and uplifting. Rosewood oil can help to open the heart and connect with the higher self.

How to use essential oils to enhance your meditation practice

There are many ways to use essential oils during meditation. You can add a few drops to your diffuser, inhale them directly from the bottle, or apply them topically to your skin.

If you are using a diffuser, be sure to choose an oil that is appropriate for the size of your space and the length of your meditation session. Start with a few drops and add more as needed.

If you inhale the oil directly from the bottle, hold it close to your nose and inhale slowly and deeply. You can also apply the oil to a cotton ball or tissue and place it near you during meditation.

If applying the oil topically, be sure to choose an oil that is safe for your skin and diluted properly. Apply it to your wrists, temples, or neck.

Choose an oil that resonates with you and your intention for the meditation session. If you are looking for relaxation, consider lavender or chamomile. If you are seeking focus, try rosemary or peppermint. If you are looking to connect with your higher self, consider jasmine or rosewood.

Find your flow

Using essential oils can help to improve your meditation practice. The right oil can create an ambient environment that is conducive to relaxation and focus. Some lesser-known oils that can be used for meditation include blue chamomile, bergamot, cedarwood, and rosewood oil. Choose an oil that resonates with you and your intention for the meditation session. Happy meditating!

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