Meditation is now getting popular all over the world. The word for meditation in Sanskrit is dhyana, a state where there is a continuous flow of consciousness or a state in which you are concentrated on some object or the thought involuntarily.

Meditation is an essential practice for mental hygiene. Relaxation, rejuvenation, healing, clarity of perception, proper communication, improved concentration, skills, talent, unshakable inner strength, connecting inner source of energy are the natural results of practicing meditation.

The very basic nature of human being is peace and happiness. Everyone wishes to be happy for lifetime and they want to lead a satisfactory life. But everyone one of us are aware of the fact that life is full of obstacles, it is not possible to be always happy and calm, this is the irony of life. We know, the problems cannot be avoided but still we pray for our happiness, pray for an uninterrupted life, pray to get our problems resolved. We try to run away from the problems and try to avoid them knowing the fact that we cannot run for long.

Until and unless we realize ourselves we cannot come over these problems and meditation is a means to it. It helps you to realize yourself. Who you are and what you are? Meditation reveals anything and everything you meditate upon. It does not mean that by practicing meditation problems will not occur but it helps you to understand the nature of the problem and the way to tackle it thereby getting strength to face the problems. Meditation gives you the answer for every question you get into your mind as it reveals the nature of that question or the problem and leads you towards the path of salvation.

There are many kind of meditation techniques. Different masters have prescribed different techniques, each of which have their own importance. It is not about which meditation technique is right and which is wrong. But it is about which suits you better to practice or which method you enjoy practicing. As every individual is different his means of practice will be different. Keeping this in mind spiritual Masters teach different techniques for different people. There is nothing like one will give you good result and one will not or one helps to achieve faster or slower. Every different technique has the same goal i.e to realize the ultimate reality.

Power of Meditation

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  1. Padmasana or siddhasana . Which is better ?.please give a long explanation about their main purpose and tell their respective benefits.please tell everything about these asanas. For me the purpose is meditation

    1. Both sitting Asana is better, both asana used in Dhyan, meditation or during practicing pranayama. Fatty person are unable to perform Padmasana, so Siddhasana is suitable for these people. Siddhasana kept same importance as Padmasana. Many Rishi’s eulogise this Asana as even superior to Padmasana for purposes of Dhyana. If you get mastery over this Asana (Siddhasana or Accomplish Pose), you will acquire many Siddhis. Further it was being practised by many Siddhas of yore. Hence the name Siddhasana. But Siddhasana is not suitable for ladies.

      Padmasana or Lotus pose is the best Asana for contemplation. Many Rishi’s like Sandilya, Gherand speak very highly of this vital Asana. This is highly acceptable for householders. Even ladies can sit in this Asana. Padmasana is suitable for lean persons and for youths as well.

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