Sitting Mountain Pose (Seated Tadasana)

Sitting Mountain Pose (Seated Tadasana) is a simple variation of Tadasana. So, everybody can perform Seated Mountain Pose easily. If you find some difficulties during performing standing Tadasana. Then try Seated Tadasana. Definitely, it will relax your mind and body. Basically, Seated Tadasana termed as calming pose, that gives the sense of breath and thus it is ideal for meditation.  

You can perform Sitting Mountain Pose (seated Tadasana), by entering any sitting Asana. Padmasana, Sukhasana is best for performing Sitting Mountain Pose (Seated Tadasana).

Asana Name Sitting Mountain Pose, Seated Tadasana

Asana LevelBasic

Best for – All age groups

Sitting AsanaChoose any sitting Asana according to your comfort (Padmasana & Sukhasana is the best choice).

How to perform Sitting Mountain Pose (Seated Tadasana)

  • First sit down properly in the Staff Pose (Dandasana).
  • From Dandasana take the position of Padmasana or Sukhasana (if you’re having a problem with a knee then perform Ardha Padmasana).
  • Don’t lean forward, keep your spine & head erect during the Pose.
  • Next step, take your both hands just near to the chest and make Prayer Pose (Namaste gesture) from your hands.
  • Hold for some time and take a deep breath.
  • After that, interlock your fingers. Inhale and lift up your arms just close to your ear (note that during lifting your arms your fingers are well interlocked with each other. And your palms facing the ceiling).
  • There is one alternative for this if you don’t want to interlock your fingers. Then raise your hands up just close to your ears in the Namaste Position (Prayer pose).
  • Or you may extend your arms over your head for a better stretch.
  • It’s good if you set your eyes in the direction of the ceiling.
  • Throughout the process, assume that your spine is extended and your rib cage is expanding.
  • You can hold the pose for 30 to 60 seconds, with breath out bring your arms back to your chest.
  • Repeat the procedure around 6 times/rounds.

Alteration of Asana

People having knee pain or feeling uneasy to Perform Padmasana (Lotus Pose, Sukhasana). Then use a chair as a prop. But keep your knee parallel to each other and follow the same procedure. You can make an eagle gesture from your hands (hand gesture of Garudasana) to release the tension from your shoulders.

Benefits of Sitting Mountain Pose (Seated Tadasana)

  • Seated Tadasana refers as relaxing Asana.
  • Surely, you can feel the calmness in your breath while you perform this Asana.
  • You can perform Sitting Mountain Pose (Seated Tadasana) while you are sitting in front of your computer.
  • Seated Tadasana is also best for office going people (coz you can attempt Sitting Mountain Pose on the chair).
  • Sitting Mountain Pose (Seated Tadasana) improves your spine flexibility.
  • Daily practice of Seated Tadasana corrects the alignment of your shoulders, spine, and neck.
  • Definitely Sitting Mountain Pose relaxes your mind.
  • You can perform Seated Tadasana as a Meditation pose.
  • Improves your upper body posture. Also awesome for improving your sitting posture.

Important notes

  • Avoid this pose in case of back, arms, and shoulders pain.
  • In case of a knee or joint pain, perform Sitting Mountain Pose on the chair.
  • Keep your arms up as much as you can. First, try Tadasana in standing position then try this.
  • With hands up (over your head in Namaste pose) you can also perform meditation in Seated Tadasana.
  • Thus Sitting Mountain pose is ideal for meditation.
  • Attempt all the yogic activities in front of the trainer.
  • Follow the instructions carefully during your practice.
  • During the Asana keep your mind focus or you can concentrate on your breathing.
  • Perform all the Asana, Pranayama or Meditation with calm and relax the mind.

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