One Leg Revolving Seated Yoga Pose | Eka Pada Parivrtta Upavishthasana

Here is very simple but effective Yoga Pose named One Leg Revolving Seated Yoga Pose. Eka Pada Parivrtta Upavishthasana comes under the basic level, so it’s good for beginners along with Advanced Practitioners also. Best Asana for relaxing your mind, body, and soul. One Leg Revolving Seated yoga Pose is simple but has many awesome benefits.

At the beginning level, Eka Pada Parivrtta Upavisthasana is best for twisting. One Leg Revolving Seated Yoga Pose prepares your body comfortable for more challenging twisting Asana.One-Leg-Revolving-Seated-Yoga-Pose-Eka-Pada-Parivrtta-Upavishthasana-yoga-steps-benefits

Asana Name: – One Leg Revolving Seated Pose

Name in Sanskrit: – Eka Pada Parivrtta Upavishthasana

Meaning: – Eka- One, Pada- foot, leg, Parivrtta – revolved, turned, around, Upavistha – seated, sitting and Asana – Pose, Posture.

Focusing Chakra: – The Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Asana Level: – Basic

How to Perform Eka Pada Parivrtta Upavishthasana

  • First of all, you have to take a position of Staff Pose (Dandasana). Then bend your left knee and place it just close to your chest. But keep your toes straight in front of you. Keep firmly your left foot sole on the floor and in line to your right leg knee.
  • Breathe out while you are twisting your upper body to your left. Your left hand should be placed on the floor just close to your left hip. With the support of your left hand maintain your body weight during twisting.
  • What you have to do in next step is, place your right arm around to assist you in the twisting. Place your right upper arm on the outside of left knee. Push by your arm and legs for better twisting. Bend your arm at your elbow; place your forearm just perpendicular to the ground.
  • Stretch your fingers and your palm facing the same direction as your face. Whenever you feel relax in the pose then hold your position (push your right heel and make an arch from toes pointing towards you.When you hold the pose extend your trunk by pushing up and lengthening your spine during twist.
  • Take one-minute pause in the final Position (hold means breath retention, if you can hold your breath during final position then it’s better) .
  • For discharging, first, unbend your trunk and then bring your left leg back into the initial position (Dandasana). Imitate the all the steps by your other leg.

Benefits of One Leg Revolving Seated Pose (Eka Pada Parivrtta Upavishthasana)

  • One Leg Revolving Seated Pose strengthens and stretches your Hamstrings, back, neck, hips, calves and your shoulders.
  • Triggers your kidneys and liver for better functioning. Improves your digestion system.
  • Eka Pada Parivrtta Upavisthasana can relieve in the symptoms of back pain and in menstruation pain.
  • Relaxes your body & calms your mind.
  • Best pose for starting your yoga session.

Eka Pada Parivrtta Upavishthasana Tips for Beginners

First, spent some time in Dandasana after that take your position. When you are in Staff pose breathe deeply. Take your hand support for a better twist of your torso. If you feel uncomfortable in the twisting then twist as much as you can.


Remember that, you have to breathe deeply in each step throughout the process. In case of spinal or back injury concern your doctor or Yoga teacher before attempting One Leg Revolving Seated Yoga Pose.

You can also alter the Pose if you find Eka Pada Parivrtta Upavishthasana by pointing your toes with the outstretched leg.

Keep your stomach empty before practicing the Yogic activities or take a 3 to 4-hour gap between your practice and in your meal. Prefer to practice Yogic activities at early in the morning. In case you haven’t ample time, then Perform in the evening at 4 to 7 Pm. eat healthily and prefer more organic item in your diet.

(Enjoy the outdoor sports its  good for your health)

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    1. Thanks, Emma for your appreciations. Ya! Definitely simple and easy to do Asana makes your body Stronger and toned.

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