Music Therapy | Is Music a Medicine?

Have you ever wonder that Music which you play just for an entertainment and enjoyment is used as a medicine also. Music soothes your mind but along with it is used as Medicine or Music Therapy.

In many countries music therapy is famous, and many people take advantage of music therapy. Slowly – slowly music therapy is spread all over the world. In this, there is no need to take medicine or go through to painful surgery. In China Zen music or Chinese music is very famous in China and in other countries also.

Just you need one good instructor, who knows which type of special music is good for your problem. But it takes time for showing its result but it relaxes your mind instantly.

What is Music therapy?Music-Therapy-a-MedicineMusic therapy is art or form of treating as well as healing therapy which uses only music for providing care to patients. The concept of music therapy is out of the box thinking. Which uses a special type of music according to a patient problem in a different way? It is not an alternative medicine but clinical studies approved that music therapy is really working. The main attraction of Music therapy is that, don’t need to perform any Yoga Asana or aerobic. It is a different and amazing therapy that works on four important levels (mental, emotional, physical and social). Music therapists use music therapy in various ways (offer people to sing with the music or listening to the music. Meditation relaxation also takes place in music therapy).

Music therapy improves memory along with corrects speech related problems and gives physical benefits also. It creates positive self-image or aids in prioritizing pain & stress by emotional healing. Music therapy easily copes with a numerous of ailments. Music therapy is a very interesting field and requires well certified licensed therapists, who are working in various sectors like prisons, schools/college, training practices and motivational and so on.

One of the most important parts of this therapy is patient does not need any mastery of music (don’t require a musical background of a patient). Patient body and mind automatically get involved in music therapy session. Music will help to cure their problems, soothe minds and gives you lots of physical benefits.

Historical Background of Music therapy

The idea of music therapy as a treatment arises during the WWI and WWII (World War I, II). When all type of community musicians including professional and amateur went to hospitals all around the country to play the music for thousands of veterans’ soldiers. They were suffering from emotional as well as the physical trauma of war. Patients give positive responses towards community musicians and to their music also. This led the doctors and nurses to ask for hiring musicians for hospitals. But very soon musician need some special training before treating the patients in the hospitals.

There are so many benefits of Music therapy, here we are mention some important benefits which explains its effectiveness.

  • Speech impediment (lisp or stammer Problem)

 When music is playing, body and mind automatically give a response to the particular music. Therapists give a task to speech impediment person to sing the song along to music with the music. Repeating the song words gives a positive response to such type of problems.

  • Music a Medicine For Depression

 Listening to or playing music increases the effects of some traditional treatment. Music is famous and well known and it easily influences individual’s mood. Many studies proved that music may work to ease depression in different ways (eg. Playing some musical instrument, singing, listening to music). Music allows depressed people to express their emotions when they can’t directly talk.

Listening to music directly calms and relaxes your mind. Music easily allows you to feel free from your troubling. Music allows a patient to share his feelings & thoughts for his/her problems. It turns introvert people to extrovert and that is a good sign for kicking out the depression.

  • Music Therapy to Forget Insomnia

It is the most general and top rising issue, by which most of the people affected. Many people try to sleep but they can’t get success. Late night working is the common cause of this problem. When you play some soothing music, your mind automatically relaxes and you’ll get good sleep. You can try this on your own level, for this you don’t have to go to the therapist. Just choose some light music or music with chanting mantras. Play the music and close your eyes, we are sure that you feel the difference.

  • Memory Booster and Improves your concentration

When you play a song it contains various types of tunes including words. If you loved some song you start repeating the words. And without music, you remember lots of song which you listen earlier or any place. Repeating the words helps to improve the memory level. Music/Music therapy sharpens your mind and works on your focusing power. Music therapy can help you by improving your concentration and this is very effective for those people who are dealing with mental health conditions.

  • Music reduces the level of Stress

Playing or listening to music can have an extraordinary calming and relaxing effect on your body and mind. Classical, mellows or music with mantras can be beneficial for your physiological functions (lowering down high blood pressure, reduce the level of stress hormones, slow down the rising pulse and heart rate).

Sometimes, when you are under stress, there is a possibility to keep away from playing or listening to music. And you feel like it’s a waste of time, your productivity boosts when stress is decreased we all know this.

  • Music a Medicine For Deadly Cancer

Yes, you heard it right Cancer. Music therapy is being practiced by many health professionals in the case of cancer. We can’t justify whether it’s correct or not, but somewhere down the line music is used to motivates the cancer patient for combating against lethal Cancer. Music encourages emotional expression, helps to relieve in the symptoms, helps in other treatment goals, promote social interaction in the patient of cancer. The therapist uses a passive/active technique with patients, or it totally depends on the ability and patients needs.

We can’t claim that music therapy cures cancer or other diseases. But in many cases, doctors use music therapy for reducing the pain of surgery, depression, stress. Different people different views regarding music therapy, but we can say that Music can create a difference in your life.

Some people believe music therapy may be a beneficial addition to the health care of children with cancer by promoting social interaction and support. Medical experts believe it can reduce some symptoms, aid healing, improve physical movement, and improve a patient’s quality of life.

Music works like a catalyst and increases the activities of an individual. We mention some main benefits of music therapy so enjoy the music in your life.

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