Natural Tips to Reduce Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one common problem in most people nowadays. Back pains can really be painful and stress out a person completely. It interferes with a person’s personal and professional life. Lower back pains can range from mild to severe depending on its cause. It may increase with time if left neglected or untreated and can deteriorate a person’s overall health. Avoiding too many heavy medicines and reducing back pain naturally is best.

Chronic lower back can be relieved in many natural ways and doesn’t always require medical prescription. A few simple ways and a little bit of exercise can help reduce lower back pain. In this article, we will explain how to reduce lower back pain naturally.

Reduce Lower Back  Pain Natural Tips

Regular Full Body Exercise

Back pain can increase if the body is stiff and not massaged regularly. Regular exercise of the entire body and practicing yoga keeps all the muscles of your body moving and loosens up your body, resulting in pain relief naturally without much use of medicines.

Yoga and Stretching

Half an hour of proper yoga and right stretching can relax your body and ease the pain. It releases endorphins and enriches the body with oxygen. Here are some natural ways that will reduce your lower back pain, and that you should try to naturally treat the pain.

  • Touching the toes: Stretch your hamstrings and bend forward to reach your toes. This will help loosen the muscles in the lower back. It treats in permanent pain relief if practiced regularly.
  • Cobra Pose: In cobra pose, lie on your stomach with your hands facing down beside the shoulders and slowly lift your chest up. The top of your head points toward the ceiling.
  • Cat-Cow Pose: Put your body weight on your hands and knees and slowly arc your back towards the ceiling, it is called cow yoga pose, and then dip it towards the floor which is a cat yoga pose. Keep alternating.
  • Child’s Pose: Sit on the heels with your knees hip-width apart and lean forward. Place your head on the floor and stretch your arms out in front of your head. child’s yoga pose

Accupuncture to Reduce Lower Back Pain

Even though the idea of needles pinching your body may not sound so convincing, it has been studied that acupuncture actually helps relieve back pains and is a better treatment than conventional care.

Strength Training

Strengthening your back and core relieves back pain several times. Here are some exercises to strengthen your core and back.

  • Reverse Fly: With your feet shoulder length apart, stand tall and hold a 2-3kg dumbbell in both hands. Hinge forward at the waist and hold the position. Raise your arms on the sides as far as you can and squeeze the shoulder blades together. Repeat for 8-10 times
  • Opposite arm and leg reach: Put weight on all your limbs. Stretch your right arm forward and simultaneously the left leg backward with your foot flexed. Hold for 3-5 minutes and alternate with left arm and right leg. Repeat for 10-15 times.
  • stretching exercise

Massage to reduces lower back pain naturally

Reduce lower Back  Pain massage

To naturally reduce the pain its important to regularly get an oil massage. Pressurizing the area correctly helps in reducing lower back pain and gives comfort. It releases stress and discomfort, betters the circulation, relaxes muscles, and promotes endorphins, the natural pain relievers in the body.

Stress Reduction

Stress is one major cause of all body pains. Meditate and do yoga to relieve stress and detox your body with negative thoughts. Talking about your pain has proven to actually decrease it and makes one capable of coping up with it.

Switch Your Shoes

Sometimes we aren’t wearing the right shoes when walking. It becomes necessary to choose the correct sole that gives proper comfort while walking or running. Wearing pressed soles or hard soles can cause pains in the back.


Take a plunge in the water to relieve oneself from the pain. The buoyancy of water gives comfort and swimming helps loosen the muscles of the lower body. This releases pain. One should not be over enthusiastic as swimming wrongly or too fast can cause cramps, leading to excessive pain.

Hot Baths

Long hot baths are really soothing and relieving. They relax the muscles and gives a comfortable sleep afterward. A bath cushion can be used to support your back while in the tub to minimize pain.

Changing Sleeping Position

Sleeping in wrong posture can cause major pain in the night, especially during winters. Try sleeping in a recliner position to lower the pressure on your back. A comfortable sleeping position can be achieved by wedge shaped cushions.

Heating Pads

Back pain is often at its max when you wake up in the morning. It is not ideal to get up immediately as it may lead to cramps and fatigue. Instead, use a heating pad to loosen the muscles as soon as you wake up. It eases morning stiffness and increases the blood flow in that area, thus preventing muscle spasms.

Sarvyoga Takeaway

A healthy diet is essential to maintain overall muscular health, maintain healthy body weight, and prevent back pains. Eating unprocessed, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging food is the key to help reduce back pains. Fiber-rich food is beneficial for gut and digestion. Constipation can increase back pain and a high fiber diet keeps your bowel movements regular and your gut healthy. Muscle spasms can be prevented by staying hydrated. It also improves blood pressure and digestion. Potassium-rich food helps reduce swelling and is important for electrolyte balance for the muscular system.

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