a complete Beginners Guide to Kundalini Yoga

Beginners Guide to ‘Kundalini Yoga’

Yoga practitioners around the world must often hear about “KUNDALINI YOGA”. Even the hardcore HATHYOGA practitioners are also intrigued by this mystical yoga that is discussed every now and then. You also must have noticed learned Guru Mentions about it. Sometimes Hymns and Mantra of FEMININE ENERGY –Devi has its repeated occurrence, and at times ancient mystic works propagate its importance. Nowadays, modern neuro-scientists doing an empirical study on its effect.

The book SERPENT POWER-by Arthur-Avalon-Sir-John-Woodroffe is one of the main catalysts in bringing this ancient tradition of Yoga to the western world. This book is a translation of ancient Indian scriptures on this esoteric subject. This made people amazed by the kind of psycho-somatic and physiological depth this form of yoga ventured into.

Kundalini Yoga a Beginners Guide

At first, the eastern world especially Indian people practiced KUNDALINI YOGA. Later, when various sects begin to practice it with their own expressions, it became a part of Tantric, Shaktism, Shaivism, and much later also of Vajrayana sect of Buddhism. 

In this article, we will tell you more about this great yogic practice of ancient times.

Kundalini Yoga Basics

KUNDALINI YOGA; When a soul is in unmanifested form, the life energy in its entirety is what we call…Kundalini. With male and female energies uniting inside a woman’s womb, the kundalini power begins the construction of the body or manifest form of a soul. As the baby comes out of the mother’s womb into the external world, Kundalini recoils and goes into a sleep mode. This sleeping power resides in the base of the spine coiled three and a half times. To awake this dormant power, making it rise to unite it with the Ultimate Reality of the universe is called KUNDALINI YOGA.

This Kundalini power or SHAKTI passes through various energy vortex or centers commonly known as CHAKRAS. Kundalini pierces through these CHAKRAS and moves upwards. An individual discovers new facets of his being, a higher level of consciousness, and gains control over his sense/motor organs, intellect, and mind.  

The Chakras

There is a lot of argument amongst sects and cults about the position of these CHAKRAS.

  • MOOLADHARA CHAKRA – MOOL means root, ADHAAR means the platform, Positioned at the base of the spine near the anal sphincter.
  • SVADHISTANA CHAKRA- SVA means Self, ADHISTHAAN means control. This SACRAL CHAKRA is located 2 inches below the navel around the lower abdomen.
  • MANIPURA CHAKRA- MANI- Jewel and PURA- abode, place of residence. This SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA are behind the navel.
  • ANAHATA CHAKRA- ANAHATA means without a strike. HEART CHAKRA are behind the sternum and towards the heart and left lung.
  • VISHUDDHI CHAKRA- VISHUDDH means absolutely pure. This CHAKRA is in the throat region.
  • AJNYA / AJNA CHAKRA – AJNA means authority and command. This CHAKRA is the THIRD EYE between the two eyebrows behind the forehead.
  • SHAHASTRAR CHAKRA- SHAHASTRAR means thousands. This CHAKRA is located at the crown of the head.

Just like arteries and veins, network of life energy channels called Nadis mentioned in the ancient eastern medicine system. Out of 72,000 nadis, three nadis are IDA, PINGALA and SUSHUMNA are important. IDA the left one, PINGALA the right one, and SUSHUMNA is in the center. All three originates from the root chakra. As the kundalini awakens IDA starts moving upwards from left, PINGALA from right, and SUSHUMNA from the center through the vertical passage of the vertebral column. Because it moves upward in a crisscross manner, IDA and PINGALA first intersects each other first at SWADISHTHAAN, and then at MANIPURA, further at ANAHATA, VISHUDDHI, AJNA, and finally at SAHASTRARA. KUNDALINI power moves through SUSHUMNA and enters CROWN CHAKRA is the ultimate union of SHAKTI and SHIVA.

a complete Beginners Guide to Kundalini Yoga

Significance of Lotus

Chakras are symbolized by a beautiful lotus flower with different numbers of petals and different colors. Also, the physical and mental attribute is also associated with these energy vortexes.

Lotus is a flower that doesn’t have its root fixed at some point in pond’s base. Floating through the growth and decay of physical manifestation unattached. Lotus is sacred for various other reasons too. Colors of VIBGYOR denotes each chakra starting from MOOLADHARA as RED.

Number of Petals associated with each CHAKRA represented as a lotus is as follows:-

Chakras                     Petals

Root                          04
Sacral                        06
Solar Plexus             10
Heart Chakra          12
Throat Chakra        16
Third Eye                  02
Crown Chakra        1,000
A number of petals essentially means a number of problems or challenges. A true seeker or practitioner has to overcome to move ahead (upward) in realizing the DIVINE SELF.

Visualize chakra as a lotus with colors and petals is a next-level experience. Because better focus is needed, that’s why, while practicing and while visualizing it, the practitioner also needs to repeat some words or a few mantras. These MANTRAS are just a sound that represents the vibrational frequency of CHAKRA.

Root Chakra- Lumm
Sacral Chakra- Vumm
Solar Plexus-Runn
Heart Chakra- Yann
Throat Chakra- Humm
Third Eye Chakra- Aum
Crown Chakra- OGum Satyam Om
These Syllable sounds are BEEJ MANTRA/Seed Sound that creates the vibration of the entire universe.

Sarvyoga Takeaway

Never perform Kundalini Yoga without Guru’s guidance. By Guru’s Grace, this highly effective technique act as a panacea for the most complex of mental and physical ailments. This takes us to spiritual enlightenment. If these are not understood properly, they may give many serious emotional and physical problems.

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