healthy Holiday fitness guide

Your fitness guide for an uninterrupted healthy holiday

Holidays are a time of feast and fun with family and friends. It is time to relax and indulge in laughter and cheer. The holiday season is usually full of sweet and savory temptations. However, what one fears about the holiday is weight gain. A little break from exercise and two extra sweets, and you’re worried about the pounds you’ll gain. Here is your holiday fitness guide. Follow this, so you don’t break your fitness routine and guilt-free indulge in your temptations!

Budget Wisely for the sake of holiday fitness

Decide on the amount of money you want to spend on food during the holidays, so you can carefully choose what to eat. It prevents buying extravagant and excess meals.

Maintain Eating Healthy

Holidays don’t necessarily mean unhealthy eating. Holiday fitness is important. Even when on a break, one can choose what to eat and what not to. Eat more fruits over sweets and veggies over meat.  Healthy eating includes eating a nutrient-rich balanced meal consisting of fiber, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins etc.

Holiday fitness guide

Ensure holiday fitness by Reducing Stress

Holidays are a break from monotonous routine but that doesn’t mean sleeping in late and waking up late. Stress is a major reason for weight gain. To maintain holiday fitness, one should not forget to catch complete sleep as it is the major reason for physical and mental stress. Hectic schedules for the day should be avoided and one should take breaks between frequent traveling to places. Stress can be reduced by indulging in regular exercise and keeping a cheerful mood as it helps release endorphins which are natural pain relievers.

Don’t go Anywhere Empty Stomach

Before setting out on a party or for the day, eat something so you don’t feel hungry immediately and overeat. Party snacks are usually unhealthy and are fried and salty. Combine your pre party snacks with some dried fruits, peanut butter sandwiches etc.

Keep Away From the Munchies

Everyone craves for munchies. But to ensure your holiday fitness rule, keep away from salty and sweet snacks and instead pick up fruits and dry fruits when hungry. Choose baked goods over fried ones and healthier options while eating.

Concentrate on What You Eat

Avoid distractions while you eat. Focus on your eating and portion size as it helps to eat consciously. When we focus our mind on what we eat, the food we eat seems tastier and fulfilling rather than when we are distracted. It also prevents overeating thus not breaking your fitness routine.

Alcohol-free holiday for fitness

Holidays are a time of celebration and one may wish to consume alcohol to enjoy them. Drinking excess is harmful. One should keep in check the amount of alcohol they are consuming as it not only affects your liver and dehydrates you, but also makes you lazy, and may even give you unwanted belly fat.

Have Portion Control

Limit the quantity of food you eat but have quality food. Do not intake excess amounts of carbohydrates and have a balanced diet instead. When possible, choose to eat on a smaller plate as it helps to give a feeling of fullness to you. Eating the right portions of food keeps daily calorie intake in control and helps prevent food gain.

Carry Healthy Snacks

Holidays mean a lot of going out and about with your families. One may feel hungry after some time of staying outside and may be tempted to find the nearest burger joint or a pretzel store and crave for some snacks. This untimely and unavoidable hunger can lead to weight gain. It can thus be prevented by choosing healthier food options over unhealthy snacks. One may make a habit to carry some health bars or nonperishable food items with them at all times.

Fitness Workout while on holiday

Shopping sprees and family outings may keep you busy during the holiday season and may make you more tired than usual. But you should not give up the daily exercise of at least 20 minutes. A bit of stretching or a jog in the morning goes a long way to help keep weight gain in control.

healthy Holiday fitness guide

Drink Plenty of Water

Always carry a water bottle when going out as it helps you stay hydrated and also prevents you from consuming preserved beverages and fizzy drinks to curb your thirst.  Holiday foods are usually salty and can make your body dehydrated. It becomes important to maintain the body’s electrolyte balance and the balance of a healthy lifestyle. the body is major water.

Prefer Dining in Over Takeaways

Even when you have less time, prefer to book a table and eat at a restaurant over-ordering to go-to food. Eating carefully allows you to choose healthier items off the menu and limit what you eat.

Opt For Buffets When Given a Choice

A buffet helps you look at all available food options and help you decide beforehand what you want to eat and how much thus limiting your food intake.

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