Know about Swar Yoga: The Science of Sound

With the sound of inhalation and exhalation, one of the five elements from fire, air, earth, water, ether is present. Usually, a time cycle of one hour is defined for one nostril activity during which each of the 5 elements has its peak time and downtime in sequence. In this article, we will tell you about Swar Yoga, the Science of Sound.

Swar Yoga, the Science of Sound

How to Find Element with Breath Cycle?

How the 5 elements are connected with rise of breath from one nostril and to exactly mark the presence of one element at peak or downtime is tough. Tough because the practice is subtle and cumbersome. Without religious practice it is impossible for a normal human being to discover the knowledge.

The Cycle of Breathe

Breath journey in one of the nostrils goes up, down, diagonal, rotating. It has to be ascertained to pinpoint the element associated with it. Also, every element has a definite shape associated with it. So try keeping a water mirror (stagnant water in a big bowl which acts as a mirror) and exhale on its surface. You will see the image that appears can define the element present in that cycle of breath.

The Chakras or energy vortex of a subtle body can help in finding the dominant element present in a breath. You can discover the element by a peculiar taste and color associated to it.

The sequence and time with which a particular element is dominant during cycle of breath in one nostril is as follows: Air, Fire, Earth, Water and ether with time duration of 8,12,20,16 and 4 minutes respectively.

Try an Another Way

Another way is to place a piece of very small cotton near the nose. Make sure there is no fan or strong wind in the room. No check where the cotton vibrates with the effect of breath. if the cotton moves at a distance of 12 fingers it’s the earth element that is dominant. If at 16 its water, at 4 it is water, 8 finger distance is fire and finally, 20 finger distance is the air element. Finger distance means placing 4 fingers stretched out straight and horizontally taken as a scale to measure distance.

Magical Benefits of Science of Sound, Swar Yoga

In reality, the breath sound science which is known as swar yoga is magical. It is exceptional with its astounding benefits. Just for your information and health, we are listing a few easy practices to follow;

  1. When you wake up in the morning, check which nostril is active. Just focus on the palm of that side hand and connect to your revered deity or God. Also, if your left nostril is active try to put the left foot down first on the floor.
  2. In case you diagnose any disease in your body check immediately which side of the nostril is active. Keep that side of nostrils as inactive as possible till the time you are totally healed.
  3. If there is lethargy fatigue and tiredness of any kind sleep on the right side to activate the left energy center and left nostril. The lunar part allows body to relax and recuperate easily.
  4. Whenever there is an asthma attack, flow the process of stopping that nostril cycle of breathing. Within 10-15 minutes the intensity of the attack goes away. If you’ll practice this for a month, your asthma can be cured too completely.
  5. There are people who usually breathe through right nostril during the day and from the left at night. These people face less and less occurrence of body pain. That person is usually a happy, joyous, and positive in his character and outlook. Practice making your breath cycle move in this pattern within 10-15 days. The breath automatically follows the pattern.
  6. When there is a union of man and woman, the left breath cycle of woman and right breath cycle of man is highly productive for pregnancy.
  7. One should eat when solar or right nostril is active. That is why you should sleep on the left side after having the dinner. Doing this, the right nostril stays activated and digestion happens normally.
  8. Air Bath is an effective way to nourish your brain. Early morning walks helps in getting great intelligence. Also effective in decision making power and there is a constant feeling of satisfaction at whatever you do. “To read between the lines” is an intuitive power which grows in leaps. It bounds along with similar speed in decrease of wrinkles on your face.

Sarvyoga Takeaway

Swar yoga, the science of sound is truly magical. When breath enters a nostril it makes a “SO” sound while on exhalation the sound is “Hum”. The SOHUM mantra chant gives a marvelous benefit to people with sleep disorders. Science of sound is as effective as pranayama as focus on the essential life-giving force PRANA. 

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