Massage: A natural need of our body

Natural food items not only provide good health but also help us fight diseases and its ill effects. Similarly, massage, pressure point rubbing, and reflexology provides health and beauty and gives the cure to many of the illness. Massage is a natural need of our body, in absence of which we cannot be healthy in the true sense.

Massage: A natural need of the body

Nature Inspire to Massage

Nature in some way or the other inspires us to massage a particular part of a body. For example, imagine you hit on your head or any part of the body gets stretched or a spasm occurs. Our hand reaches that part as if under an influence of invisible power and starts giving first aid naturally. A French naturopath has rightly said. Yawning is just another way of nature of telling us that muscles and nerves of the neck need a massage. Massage is a natural need of our body. Also, massage has been given high importance in the ancient science of lovemaking.

Massage as a Therapy

The ancient history of Massage as a therapy. We have always heard stories of great warrior kings enjoying a relaxing massage by servants after returning from the battlefield. Also queens being pampered by her maids with various oils to add beauty to her skin and face. Indian folklore and many ancient epics describe a ceremony just before marriage. In this, sandalwood and turmeric are mixed with various exotic herbs and applied to the body of the would-be bride. This adds a healthy aura and intoxicating aroma around the bride.

Rome, turkey, Iran, and Arab countries are still famous for the Hamman or Special bath areas where massage services were provided for both beauty and health purposes. In Madagascar massage was used for blood purification and production of new blood some 1000 years ago.

How Massage Works

If we call massage as an exercise of our muscles, it will not be wrong at all. Massage is also a natural need of our body. Massage of our muscles is as important. It is required for each and every muscle fiber for proper movement and flexibility of the body. The aim of Massage is simply to provide movement, strength, and flexibility to muscles. Massage provides optimum inertia to our muscles to work without getting tired and without stiffness.

The blood flow in the body and muscles of the body are deeply intertwined in their working. Scientifically, the blood flow in blood vessels depends largely on the health of the muscle in the body. These two factors- the movement of muscles and continuous flow of blood are prerequisites to our health and happiness.

By massage, we provide a rub down on blood flow. The heat so produced gives intensity that cures various diseases. It is by massage that various toxic in the blood and body gets filtered out. Toxins are excreted out of the body by means of sweat, urine, and stool. Even for the most experienced healers massage is still the best way to get rid of stress and fatigue. Massage benefits our skin just like it does to our muscles, nerves, arteries, and veins.

Massage for Various Ailments

World over specially accredited massage centers is operating in tandem with physiotherapy clinics to provide a cure for many ailments. Even in ancient Ayurveda, a lot has been described as this special treatment where a poisoned person is completely cured by just the right kind of massage to filter out the venom from his body. Since there has been an exponential increase in orthopedic issues around the world as more people are working indoors and not getting enough sunlight, massage is an option famously chosen for the issue.

  • Arthritis: People with such conditions have greatly benefitted from massage especially when done with mustard and sesame oil in sunlight. The pressure should be in accordance with the resistance of the patient and focus should always be on the vertebral column and neck. Massage should be done regularly for a few weeks so that required warmth and speed are provided to blockages of blood.
  • Navel displacement: sometimes when you lift more weight than you can handle the navel displaces from its natural space. Abdominal massage is a very effective way in such cases.
  • Bone displacement: many times during a fall or sports activity the bone shifts its position from its place. It causes severe pain and discomfort. An experienced massage therapist can easily use his techniques to fix bone displacement issues.
  • Even the displacement of the womb has successfully been rectified by experienced nurses by proper massage.
  • Hernia and multiple kinds of headache, spasm, and muscle tearing can be well addressed by effective use of massaging techniques.

Sarvyoga Takeaway

We need yoga asanas for our muscles to stay fit and active. In the same way, massage is much needed. With the health and wellness market expanding globally, many people have come up with a new innovative setup for addressing various issues through massage. The only point one should check whether a therapist is certified in a particular form of massage therapy or not. Caution from quacks and self-proclaimed healer is highly recommendable.

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