About inhaling and exhaling from the nostrils

We all know about the inhaling and exhaling from the nostrils. If you have read about all the external and bodily necessity of air, we will today give an overview of the internal and subtle use of air element. If we know about the details of air this, we can benefit in holistic health and make considerable progress in the spiritual path.

Breathing techniques of hath Yoga, Swar Vigyan, or Science of sound is a very effective technique. Through this, we can safeguard us from all kinds of diseases. It is not only immunity-boosting but also curative in nature. Science of sound should be taken into account as a part of Yoga only.

Inhaling exhaling from the nostrils

Breathing process-Inhaling, exhaling from the nostrils

The practice of the science of sound is rare. It is even rarer to find an able guru to teach this absolutely amazing yoga technique. All our efforts and happiness or despair, profit-loss, all physical and mental joy, and anguish are results of our breathing.

We know about the inhaling and exhaling from the nostrils. We don’t inhale and exhale from both our nostrils simultaneously. But there is a certain time when we alternately use one of our nostrils for the breathing process.

There is a definite time frame where we inhale and exhale by one nostril and then it stops. Then the same starts in other nostril or we say the sound of breath rise or uday from another one. Once this sound rises in the nostril it stays there for around 2 and a half cycle and then for two and a half time cycle in other. This breathing pattern takes place throughout our lives on a daily basis.

The cycle is about 1 hour. Once the breathing is done from the left nostrils it is the IDA or the lunar energy center is activated. When it is from the right nostrils it the solar center or Pingala activated. When both the nostrils are breathing simultaneously then the divine balance or SUSHAMNA is activated.

Left or Lunar Centre

Do a practice during the inhaling and exhaling. When the left nostril is active the work that requires stability, compassion and peace are well managed. Like making friends, praising the almighty, getting dressed for beauty, starting a healing process. Getting married, giving alms to the poor, do collective prayer, starting of house construction. Begin a journey, doing business, planting of seeds, starting an educational course, selfless service to needy, etc.

Right or solar center

Check when the right nostril is active. One must perform work that requires a lot of energy, vigor, passion, anger. and might. Work like training a wild beast, hunting for food, preparing for battle. Exercise, gym, mountain climbing, sexual intercourse, bathing, and eating.

The Centered SUSHUMNA

This is the time when the universe is harmoniously balanced inside. So, it is the right time to practice yoga, meditation, and praying to the almighty.


Never practice the work related of either lunar or solar energy center when the Neutral Sushumna is active.

How to know the active center

It is a very simple method to find out which nostril is active at a time. Close one nostril and try to take a deep breath from the other three to four times. Now repeat the same for another nostril.

Speed of inhaling and exhaling from the nostrils

There are 3 techniques to control the speed and capacity of inhaling and exhaling from the nostrils:

While breathing, nostril side which is active, press the other nostril by press of a thumb and keep breathing. Now close the active nostril and exhale from the other side. Keep doing it for some time. You will find the speed intensity and warmth of breath in getting in control.

If you sleep on the side of your active nostril and repeat the above mentioned process, a faster effect of speed of breath is clearly experienced.

Just by turn on the side of your active nostril while sleeping, the speed of your breath changes.

How to Activate Sushumna

Just like we practice Nadi shodhan pranayama, here we close one nostril and with force inhale from other nostril. Once our lungs are full, we do not retain breath but immediately release it by opening the closed nostril. Once the air is exhaled, immediately we start inhaling from the other nostril while keeping the first one closed. Now we exhale out from first nostril and start repeating the process. Upto 50 repetition is required of this alternate inhalation and exhalation to let PRANA enter the SUSHUMNA center.

Sarvyoga Takeaway

Although SWAR VIGYAN or Sound science seems very easy but it is a rare and extremely effective practice of the ancient sages. Do not take up the practice until you are in tutelage of an able Guru or read entirely about it thoroughly. It is not an exercise for physical transformation but spiritual enlightenment as well. It may cause damage if you are not well prepared to receive the power.

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