kandharasaa the shoulder pose steps

Kandharasana (The Shoulder Pose)

The Word ‘Kandha’ comes from the Sanskrit word, which means shoulders and the meaning of Asana are Seat, pose or posture. When you perform this Asana, you have to maintain some weight of your body parts on your shoulders. So, why this Asana is named so.

Kandharasana (The Shoulder Pose) is excellent for Women, it strengths the female reproductive organs also relieves menstrual problems and other disorders related to the Uterus.

Level of Asana: – Intermediate.

Steps of Kandharasana (The Shoulder Pose)

  • First, get into the position of Savasana (Corpse Pose) on the floor.
  • Now, bend your both leg at the knee and place your feet near to your buttocks.
  • Hold your ankles by your hands and pull it in the backward direction until your feet touch the butt.
  • Breathe normally or you can hold your breath inside and lift your buttocks up along with raise your back by making an arch.
  • Make sure, that your feet and the shoulder region should firmly touch the ground. The weight of your body is supported by your shoulders, feet, arms, neck and the head.
  • This is the final posture. Hold the position as much as you feel comfortable (During Final pose, try to hold your breath or breath normally).
  • To discharge the pose, put down your buttocks back to the ground. Free your hands from ankles place your hands on your sides but keep your knees in the bend position.
  • Repeat the same process about 5 to 10 times or as per your strength.
  • It is good to perform Paschimottanasana after performing Kandharasana (The Shoulder Pose).

Benefits of Kandharasana (The Shoulder Pose)

  • It is beneficial for treating your stomach problems and waist pain.
  • This pose is excellent for strengthening the female reproductive organs and Uterus. Prevents miscarriage problems by improving the health of Uterus.
  • It is excellent for menstrual disorder, uterus problems and different bronchial conditions.
  • Gives relieves in a backache and correct some vertebral disc problems.
  • It strengthens your back, neck, and shoulders.
  • Kandharasana tones all the abdomen organs.
  • Best for Asthmatic patient’s coz it opens up the lungs.
  • During this Asana, your groin & the upper thing is toned and elongated.
  • Good for those who have round shoulders.
  • The Shoulder Pose realigns your Navel (Surya Kendra) and your spine also.

(Raise your back as much as you can)


Hold the position for 15 to 20 seconds with 3 to 5 or 5 to 10 repetition. Don’t cross your body limits and never over practiced any pose. In case of severe back pain and shoulder or knee injury avoid this Asana. Perform all the Asana in a fresh environment with comfortable yoga wear. It is strictly advised to perform all the yogic Asana in front of an expert teacher & if you have any medical history please concern your Doctor before doing any Asana.

The content of this website is only for knowledge and awareness.

(Don’t do anything which is harmful or dangerous to Environment)

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