Awesome yoga Poses: {Kick out bad habits}

Good habits makes person healthy, smart & intelligent, many time some people got appreciations for their good habits. If you have bad habits like smoking, Drinking (Tea, coffee, Alcohol), late night work, eating lots of calories, most of time engaged with mobile or laptop etc. Then give up these bad habits otherwise it’s too late. There are lots of bad habits but we mentioned most important which affects your life. Apart from that we describe the Awesome yoga poses that easily kick out your bad habits.

Many of you have a long list of bad habits and you want to get rid off but it’s difficult is it right or wrong? Get over from bad habits is easy to think but difficult in implementation. Fall into bad habits it’s very easy, but get over from bad habits is hard. Depression, Stress, anxiety, and tension is the most common factor by which most of the people get addicted to bad things.

Don’t worry; by Yoga, you can easily overcome your bad habits. You are invariably working towards avoiding your bad habits when you practice yogic activities daily. Yoga is an impressive and holistic way to tackle your bad habits. Yogic activities help you to kick out your bad habits, there are many poses which gives you strength and support you to face off the bad habits.

So many time, you heard that yoga strengthens stretches and tones our body as well as calms our mind too. But the question is that how Yoga help to getting over from bad habit that becomes habitual. Yoga slows down your bad habits and you feel this change.

As you practice to learn yogic activities, it’s not easy to master it at the first sight. Mastering on yoga takes lots of practice and requires more time. So, you practice the Yoga consistently till you get good with it. This procedure teaches you to imitate the same off the mat practicing till you get over from bad habits. Yoga focuses on lifelong happiness instead of instant satisfaction.

Yoga helps you to realize the lethal effects of day to day bad habits and you become honest with yourself and try to restrict bad activities. You realize your real capacity and capabilities with the help of Yoga. Yoga kicks out your negativity and pushing you towards positivity.

Here are some bad habits given below: –

  • Biting fingernails.
  • Smoking (Yog get cancer from smoking, it’s not so cool)
  • Fast Food (Gives you the shape of balloon, means fat)
  • Sitting all day in the chair (office workers).
  • Wasting your time online (Nomophobia).
  • Using earbuds for ear cleaning.
  • Consumption of Alcohol (You get social, personal & financial loss from alcohol).
  • Late night working (Imbalance your biological clock).
  • Go to bed immediately after taking the meal.
  • Drinking Coffee/Tea (Instead of this drink lemon, green or Tulsi tea).
  • Watching too much Television.
  • Watching Porn.

If you have above mention bad habits, then try to slow down this. Getting over from these types of habits takes time. Practice and your willpower make a difference. You never give up keep trying with confidence.

Tobacco kills nearly 10,000 people around the world every day. In the Year of 2020, it is predicted that tobacco use will lead over 12% of all deaths globally. This is more deaths than Tuberculosis, HIV, Motor vehicle accidents.  (According to the statistics of World Health Organization).

Awesome Yoga Poses to fight Bad Habits

Here are some top Asana, Pranayama for eliminating bad habits, practice these yogic activities every day in the morning/evening at for 45 days and after that observe the changes in your behavior and thinking process.



  • Anulom – Vilom
  • Nadi Shodhana.
  • Chandra Bhedana Pranayama.
  • Bhramari Pranayama.


In Padmasana or any sitting pose perform meditation. Note that don’t close your eyes completely, just close 90% and 10% open. After sitting in Dhyan (Meditation) just focus on the word ‘OM’ or chant this word. If you love other sacred words then chant on it and focuses on it. You can also try Tratak; this will boost your focusing power.

If you don’t like yogic activities, then please do outdoor activities like Cycling, Sports, Walking (Morning/Evening), Swimming etc.

If you feel that, you are unable to eliminate your bad habit then replace it with a good one (like reading books, daily exercise, Keep yourself busy but don’t take the stress, gardening will also help you, go to your nearby Library where smoking is prohibited).

Remember one thing; in this world everything is possible. Your willpower & dedications will change everything. In our upcoming articles, we provide some home remedies for eliminating bad habits like smoking & drinking; so keep connected with us.

If you find any mistakes then sorry for that, your suggestion is precious for us. So feel free to suggest your idea.

(One love is all we need)

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