Fresh Ways On How To Overcome Anxiety By Yoga

It’s a well-established belief that yoga helps you get relief from mind’s worries and body’s illnesses. But how to overcome anxiety through yoga? This question can befuddle even experts. So, we’ll give you an easy-to-follow guide that is suitable for beginner to experienced yoga practitioner.

In its essence, yoga cures anxiety by soothing your body and preparing your body to handle panic attacks. The yoga science makes your body’s vitals such as blood pressure, mental alertness, breathing rate etc work at optimal levels. This physically readies you for facing anxious situations much more effectively. You build a shield against anxiety over the time.How-To-Overcome-Anxiety-By-Yoga-a-Fresh-Ways

Fresh ways on how to overcome anxiety by yoga

Learn to Confront Anxious Situations

Yoga has a number of unique postures and asanas that challenge your body. One of them could be a handstand. It is nerving to do a handstand initially. But as you learn to do it, you fight back a rather anxiety-inducing situation. By practicing yoga on daily basis, you can try several such postures and learn to confront anxiety.

In the hindsight, you’re teaching your brain to handle anxiety which helps you in real life as well. You gain confidence with each step and it reflects in your personality.

Emphasize on your Thoughts

One fine answer to how to overcome anxiety by yoga is emphasizing on your thoughts. We feel anxious when we have a series of worrying thoughts scathing our mind. Instead of avoiding these thoughts completely, you can learn to observe them.

The calm yoga practice provides a great environment to observe your thoughts. Be conscious of the lines of thoughts that enter your head while you’re doing yoga and try to remember them. This way you’ll know that what thoughts cause anxiety in you and you can choose to discourage them in the future.

Breathing Exercises

Irregular breathing and panting are two common symptoms of anxiety. You can control them by practicing a healthier way to breathe. Breathing regulates the flow of O2 and CO2 in our bodies which have a direct effect on making us feel less or more anxious.

Yoga techniques such as  Kapal Bhati Pranayama and other breathing techniques such as Bhastrika Pranayama are believed to help a lot with controlling your breaths.

By controlling your breathing rate, you can ensure enough oxygen supply into your body, which will demote anxious situations. You can learn to take deep breathes, exhale through your nose and keep it all slow.

Experience Yoga Culture

There are a number of yoga culture clubs around the world, where you can talk about yoga and health issues. Being open and practicing vulnerability is highly benefitting against anxiety. People who are more familiar with the idea of going out and meeting new people of mutual interests faceless anxiety.

If you’re wondering how to overcome anxiety by yoga by just meeting people, it’s quite easy to do so. Practicing yoga in groups gives you a sense of comfort and safety. You can learn from others as well.

Meditation Coupled With Yoga

Meditation brings the much-needed clarity to your mind. While yoga prepares you for facing anxiety, meditation can help you cleanse your mind from anxious thoughts. Experts suggest doing meditation with yoga by slipping into meditative states in your spare time.

You will be able to leave behind anxious thoughts with this simple technique and yoga will further strengthen the belief.

How to overcome anxiety by yoga with Asanas?

Savasana-Corpse-yoga-Pose-Relaxation-PoseHere is a quick list of Asanas that you can try to get faster relief from anxiety.

Janu Shrisasana  – Bending forward with one leg stretched far from the body.

HastapadasanaStanding straight and bending your upper body to touch your knees.

ShavasanaLay down like a dead body in a relaxed position with your stomach facing upwards.

DhanurasanaLaying on your stomach while holding up your ankles to form a ring.

MarjariasanaA cat-like pose where you face the ground with your arms and knees holding you up.


You must have got a number of answers to the question  – How to overcome anxiety by yoga? Interestingly, all of these techniques are really easy to carry out and don’t need you to be an expert. If you’ve never done yoga in your life, you’re equally welcome to try them out and distress.

Anxiety continues to be a part of our life no matter how much we fight it. Yoga provides an effective safe and healthy alternative to medicinal drugs for anxiety. If you’re an anxiety patient, the chances of recovering from it with yoga are quite high.

Please note that while doing the yoga poses, be cautious of doing them right. You can watch instruction videos once before doing them so that you don’t hurt yourself in the process. In the end, the reward is yours to keep – a tension free mind and a rejuvenated body.

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  1. Very helpful post. I would like to try out these ways that can help me to reduce my anxiety and also would like to share it with my friends as this might be helpful to them. Keep sharing such helpful tips with the readers.

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