8 proved Health benefits of Green Tea

You are amazed, that one cup of Green tea gives you tremendous health benefits. In this section, we mentioned the top proved health benefits of Green tea. It is a belief that Green Tea is the smartest as well as the easiest liquor to stay healthy. A cup of Green tea is fully packed with antioxidants and many vital nutrients that have fabulous effects on our body (like – increase your immune system, boosts the brain function, burns the extra calories & lower down the risk of death taking Cancer).

Along with these benefits it includes other awesome benefits. Here, you find top proved health benefits of Green Tea which are tested as well as assisted by the researchers. You can also find many supportive studies regarding Green Tea given by scientist or Researchers on the net or through a research paper.  So, take your cup of Green Tea and be with us till the end.proved-Health-benefits-of-Green-Tea Health Benefits of Green Tea

First, the health benefits of Green Tea are, it protects your brain cells in your old age. As per research & studies consumption of green tea is very beneficial for brain improvement. Thus, Green tea is very effective to lower down the age-related Problems like Alzheimer & Parkinson’s. Green tea is not only improving your brain function, it also guards your brain in old age.

Parkinson’s & Alzheimer are the most common age-related issue, which comes under the category of “Neurodegenerative” disease. Alzheimer is the topmost cause of dementia. On the other hand, Parkinson’s responsible for the death of dopamine (Dopamine is a compound that presents in our body as a neurotransmitter & a precursor of other substances) producing neurons in the brain.

Various studies uncover that in Green tea, there is a compound called Catechin. That has protective effects on neurons. Thus it decreases the risk of Alzheimer & Parkinson’s.

  • Green Tea keeps you Young & charming

As all, we know and it’s a Universal truth that we all are not immortal. One day we all have to die eventually as well as it is unavoidable. Nevertheless, given that the drinkers of green tea lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. It makes sense that it may help you live longer. According to the study, those who drank the green tea (4 to 5 more green) have amazingly stayed fit and healthy than non-drinkers of green tea. Below you can see how much green tea lower down the death cause is given below have a look.

Heart disease20 – 22% lower in men, 30% lower in women.

All causes10 -12 % lower in men, 23% lower in women.

Stroke33 to 35% lower in men, 40 to 42 % lower down in women.

So, you can easily understand that green tea drinkers are live longer than non-drinkers. And it is the second health benefit of Green tea.

  • Protects you from skin Disease

Same like aloe vera & Amla, Green tea also helps to maintain your skin. Green tea carry antioxidants and antioxidants kick out free radicals from the skin and prevent skin related Problems. Green tea slows down the oxidation process by which your skin remains wrinkle-free and Young (rejuvenates). Green tea is the secret to keeping your skin young and glowing for a long time. So it’s a third benefit of Green Tea.

  • Good for Digestion

Having a cup of green tea invigorates your digestive system. Thus general stomach related issues are flushed out. Consumption of Green tea helps to reduce indigestion, constipation, bloating and gas. If your stomach is happy it means you are happy, most people ignore theses general digestive related problems. If you ignore these problems, then in future it will take you to the danger. Most of the diseases are born from the stomach. So if you keep your digestive system healthy then the general issue cannot irritate you.

  • Increase the fat burning process & improves Physical Performance

If you go through the list of any fat burning product, then surely that green tea will be mention on there. The reason behind is, Green tea increases fat burning process and triggers your metabolic rate (According to the research). According to the study & many controlled trails, green tea increased the energy outlay by 4 to 5%. Somehow some studies in term of green tea don’t show any increase in metabolism, thus the benefits of green tea or effects may depend on the individual. But somewhere down the line, it shows tremendous result regarding fat burn. You have tried so many products for fat burning, for once try the Green tea and it does not cost you more bugs than other products.

  • Immune enhancer

It’s a fact if your immune system is not stronger enough then; you got general diseases easily which make you ill. You spend handsome bugs on unwanted general diseases. So, if your immune system is up to the mark then forgets all general disease. Also, you save your harden money and gain a good immune system. An immune enhancer is another health benefits of Green Tea.

  • Green Tea reduces the sugar in the blood

Green tea lowers down the sugar level in the blood. Hence it is good for type 2 diabetes and another vital health benefits of Green tea. Drinking green tea controls the glucose level. And it is effective for improving insulin sensitivity as well as control the high level of sugar in blood naturally.

Type 2 diabetes is reached outbreak proportions in the past few decades. About 400 million people worldwide are diabetic. In this disease, the sugar level goes up in the context of an inability to produce insulin naturally. If we believe in the study, then study uncover that individual who used the greenest tea had a 40% lower risk of type 2 diabetes than non-green tea drinkers. As per review of 6 or 7 studies with a total of 286,700 people (green tea drinkers) had an 18% lower chance of becoming diabetic.

  • Green tea lower down the risk of deadly Cancer

Ya! You heard correct, reducing the risk of cancer is another vital health benefits of green. As we mentioned earlier green tea contains powerful antioxidants which lower the chance of becoming different types of Cancer (Esophageal cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer).

  • Prostate cancerStudy shows that if a man drinks green tea had an of 48% lower risk of developing Prostate cancer than others. Prostate cancer is the most common and life taking cancer in men.
  • Breast cancer – If Prostate cancer is common in men then, Breast cancer is common in women. Many women die all over the world due to breast cancer. As per study women who drank the green tea had a 25 to 30% of the lower risk of breast cancer.

There are various observational studies which show that green tea drinkers are less likely to suffer from different types of cancer. But what we think, there should be more high-quality research is needed to claim these effects. It is important to keep in mind that it may be a bad idea to put milk in your tea because some studies suggest it reduces the antioxidant value.


The content of this website is for educational purpose. And the stats show in the content is according to different studies as well as research on green tea. Don’t pour milk into your green tea because many researchers believe that milk lowers down the antioxidant value of green tea.

Important Points

  • Those people who have a medical history or suffer from diabetes please concern your doctor before drinking green tea.
  • Diabetic patients take ant diabetic medicine which lower the sugar level and green tea also reduce the high sugar level in blood. So, please ask the doctor before consuming green tea.
  • It’s better to make your green tea at home. But if you haven’t enough time then purchase it from the market but careful with the quality.
  • Along with you have to perform Yogic activities like Asana, Pranayama, and the meditation for your good health.


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