Coconut Oil for skin

Coconut Oil: Best Friend for Skin

Coconut oil is extremely helpful in getting rid of acne. Coconut oil is a natural remedy for skin and hair problems and has numerous health benefits.

The balanced use of this oil treats pimple, whereas when used excessively, it may lead to pores clogging. Basically the properties of this oil help in minimizing inflammation in the body, and since acne is occurred due to inflammation, coconut oil helps in healing by reducing the burn. Needless to say, the antibacterial factor of this oil and its fatty acid of coconut oil is also helpful.

Lauric acid found in coconut oil is beneficial for skin

The lauric acid is always used to end the acne problem by killing the germ and bacteria. It helps in preventing the growth of pimples. Capric acid also somewhat does the same, and coconut oil has these elements. This is why dermatologists suggest massaging the skin gently with coconut oil in a limited quantity. For those who have oily skin may occasionally apply coconut oil on the affected area. This truly helps.

Coconut oil keeps skin refreshed and hydrated

Coconut oil keeps skin hydrated and refreshed all the time. If you are suffering from acne or dry skin issues, then simply massage your face and body with coconut oil and see the difference in a few weeks. It helps to keep the body’s outer skin hydrated.

If you use mineral oil, then let us tell you, that the effect of coconut oil is the same as mineral oil, according to a study. You may try replacing mineral oil with coconut oil because of its impeccable properties and antibacterial factor. If you know someone who has eczema, then no best medicine than coconut oil. It not only removes dryness, but very efficiently is helpful in treating eczema, rashes, and redness too. Not only this, for the skin-type which is friendly with coconut oil, it removes scars and stretch marks as well.

Coconut Oil for skin
Coconut Oil for skin

Simply do this:

Regularly moisturize your skin with coconut oil. If you are new to use coconut oil, start with massaging your skin with a small amount. Excess coconut oil applied on the face might make your skin oily and sticky in the beginning. Massage gently for a few minutes, the skin with absorb the oil.

You may also apply the oil on your hair, Trust us, this leads to really shining and strong hair.

Once you apply the oil to the hair, leave it for a few hours or overnight, and wash it later with a good shampoo. This will nourish your hair.

When consumed through food, coconut oil gives strength to the body and fills the muscle and body with strong immunity and strength. Also, helps the skin to shine on.

Coconut oil is beneficial to cure skin sun-burn

As we told earlier also, it is a natural remedy to heal skin problems. If in case you are suffering from sunburn, or your skin is sensitive when exposed in sun, then you should immediately start using coconut oil on your skin on a regular basis.

You may massage with the oil after coming back to home, or at night before sleeping. This removes tan and sunburn.

Doing this regularly will remove any kind of dryness or rashes from the skin as well, and will make the skin smooth and soft.

If applied a few times a day, it is more effective.

An anti-itch treatment

Skin itching is a common problem now a days isn’t it! Worry not, start using coconut oil from today. Normally also, whenever you feel itching in your hands or your palm while doing any work, you may apply coconut oil and see the difference.

Children most commonly suffer from a skin problem called eczema. Coconut oil is the best treatment for eczema, under a doctor’s prescription, obviously!  

Coconut oil: Helpful in treating skin injuries and wounds

It heals the wounds and injuries drastically. In previous times, when there were minimum medical facilities, the elderly used to treat skin wounds with the help of coconut oil.

The anti-bacterial elements allow the oil to reduce the inflammation and thus heals the wound.

It also is helpful in preventing any kind of skin infection.

Sarvyoga takeaway

Different people have different skin types, and every skin type is not coconut oil friendly. If you think that coconut oil is not apt for your skin then it would be better to avoid using it. Excessive oily skin may not welcome coconut oil wholeheartedly as this oil block the pores which in return leads to black and whiteheads.

When it comes to including coconut oil in your diet, it won’t be a problem for many, as it is healthy when taken in a balanced way. Mostly for north India, it might not be a good plan as they are more oriented towards mustard oil, but still, coconut oil can be used while preparing some special or selective food items. It is always better to talk to a dermatologist or a doctor before trying anything new, and last but not the least, nothing could beat yoga to get healthy and shiny skin.

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