health benefits of drinking hot water

7 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

You must have heard by almost every mouth to drink around 8 liters or as much as possible water regularly. Yes, it is healthy…infact…very healthy. Be it warm, normal, or cold water, inculcating a habit drinking water regularly keeps your body hydrated. Actually there are several benefits of drinking hot water. If you are fond of drinking hot/warm water, then it is best, as this can kill many problems running inside your body. It improves digestion, helps to keep your body stay away from constipation, and even helpful in weight maintenance. Squeezing a lemon in a glass of warm water and drinking it is really healthy for digestion and improves skin glow.

However, there are not many studies on the hot water and its benefits, but people believe that it really works. Especially, one should have a glass full of warm water after waking up, and before going to bed. According to experts, the temperature should be between 130-160 degrees F if drinking something hot. One should avoid sipping anything above this temperature.  In this article, we will talk about the 10 benefits of hot water.

Benefits of drinking hot water

health benefits of drinking hot water
Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

1. Removes nasal obstruction

Do you know that we have a membrane at our neck? This membrane is called mucus. This sometimes causes soreness inside the throat and neck. If you are suffering from nasal congestion or sore throat, then hot water is your remedy. Hot water helps in calming down the mucus infection. Take a glass of hot water and inhale the warmth. This can help in opening the nasal clogging. If having sinus or migraine, then this remedy is really helpful. Studies and experiences prove that when a person drinks hot tea or water, it helps in relief from a sore throat, coughing, cold, etc.

2. Perfect digestion

If you have a habit of drinking hot water then your digestion system will be alright. You won’t be suffering from indigestion for sure. The body accepts hot water and easily passes off the waste out. Drinking warm/hot water early in the morning helps easy bowel movement. Note that drinking water immediately after meals may lead to indigestion. Try to drink water after 20-30 minutes of eating.

3. Bye-Bye constipation

You must have heard about term dehydration? It is a major cause of constipation. As we mentioned earlier, drinking plenty of water every day helps your body to stay hydrated, and thus, you may say bye-bye to constipation.

One should inculcate this habit at a young age. Once the body crosses the age of 35, then constipation might lead to many serious issues. So better to be early, than to be in pain.  

4. The nervous system stays happy

If you are not drinking water properly and in adequate quantity, then it might affect your nervous system badly. Make sure to provide enough hot or cold water to your body regularly to keep your brain function in a proper way. According to a study, drinking water in the right way also improves the disturbed mood and improves the anxiety level.

5. Stay hydrated-stay happy

Remember to keep yourself hydrated with hot or cold water. It completely depends upon body type, weight, etc, that how much a person should drink water. For the ladies who are expecting, you must be regular and disciplined when it comes to drinking water. Your body should be hydrated. In fact, at that time, you need to have more and more water.

One thing a person should keep in mind. It’s not only water that keeps your body hydrated, but other elements can do the deed. Like having vegetables, fruits, beverages, etc. So if you want to stay happy, then count on the benefits of drinking hot/warm water, and keep your body happy.

6. Shed those extra kilos

Yes, you heard that right. To lose those extra kilos, drink hot water. When you drink water, your body feels full, and thus you eat less. Drinking water improves your metabolism as well. According to experts, summers are the best time to lose weight. As at that time, the body sweats more, and demands more water as compared to winter or any other season, and drinking more leads to less food intake.

7. Bid goodbyes to stress

Another strange fact. Yes, drinking adequate water is a stress buster. Even when you go for a bath with warm water, it helps the organ to release compounds of stress. This helps in easing blood pressure and prevents cardiovascular risks. Having hot water is the same. It helps in relaxing and having a sound sleep. Not to forget, staying hydrated definitely leads to body relaxation.

Sarvyoga takeaways: Do not overlook the risks

While drinking hot water be extra cautious. There are many benefits of drinking hot water but with the utmost precautions. Do not intake extremely hot water in a go. Rather, sip it. Else it might burn the taste buds that are in the tongue. As compared to cold water, drinking hot or warm water is considered safer. Drinking it regularly will help your body feel energized and keeps you active throughout the day. Also, it helps in skin glow and hair nourishment. It helps to have a relaxed body and a sound sleep. Squeezing lemon in a glassful of hot water and drinking it in the morning helps in activating metabolism and proper bowel movement. This helps the body stay away from constipation and obviously improves digestion.

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