Ajna the third-eye chakra

Ajna or Third-Eye Chakra, the Most Popular one

Ajna chakra or third eye chakra is the most famous and popular chakra. The popularity comes from stories around the world where people had a mystical experience and out of body experiences due to energy activation at this center. This chakra is located at the center of the eyebrows, in the middle of the forehead. The third eye signifies the higher state of perception where knowledge about SELF and all-pervading consciousness –The Brahman is purest.

People usually feel the vibration at this chakra easily as they are more of thinking kind rather than unconditional loving-kindness. Feeling the vibration easily does not mean the chakra is balanced or activated and people should ignore lower chakras and focus directly on this one. On the contrary, it is considered to be the toughest to balance. Just like the brain controls various physical and psychosomatic functions of the body, this chakra is the commander in chief. AJNA literally means to command. The focus however is on “Jna” part or the knowledge part. Interestingly “kn” from the word “knowledge” has the same inferences.

Description of Ajna or third-eye Chakra

SHAT CHAKRA NIRUPNAM describes the chakra as a lotus which shines white like a beautiful moon. The lotus here has only two petals which correspond to two sound syllables ham and kSham. During deep meditation, these two sounds reverberate in heightened consciousness.

Deity of Ajna or third-eye chakra

The Goddess residing here is HAKINI. HAKINI is moonlit white in color, 6 faced and has a very pure mind. She sits in VIDYA mudra or hand gesture of knowledge, with a skull, a hand drum, and mantra beads in the other 3 hands.

MANAS, subtlest aspect of mind lives in the Ajna chakra. Lord SHIVA in his linga form abodes in the womb of the lotus. Like of string of effluent lights the all pervading Brahman finds abode here too. This is the seed from where all the knowledge of Veda came forth. A practitioner needs to keep an unwavering focus on this chakra to attain siddhis or great spiritual powers.

The most persistent of disciple and top class yogi, takes many births as human to reach this state of enlightenment. With the Kundalini energy pervading through this meridian in a balanced form the practitioner reaches a whole new level of greatness. He becomes All Knowing, All Perceiving, Benefactor to all. He gets the essence of all shastras or divine teaching in textual form. Most importantly he finds his non dual existence, his oneness with the universe. 

Activation of Ajna or third-eye chakra

Ajna chakra activation blesses a person with long life and he becomes quite adept in 3 primordial tasks of creation, maintenance, and dissolution. The Primordial sound of AUM resides in the chakra. Aum is perceived only by purest of minds, illuminated like a divine flame and known as PRANAVA.

One who has completely surrendered his ego at the Gurus’ feet, meditating in the bliss of this chakra unceasingly and working on the various mudras, he starts to have visions of PRANAVA as the wind blows and intensifies a flame. Gradually the flame becomes a new Born Sun encompassing everything within it.

Ajna the third-eye chakra
Ajna : The Third-Eye Chakra

Physical and psychological aspect

This chakra involves the brain, the main controller of all movements within the body. The main gland involved here is the pituitary gland. This gland is essentially a tiny appendage at the base of the brain. The carotid plexus is located here. This third eye chakra is associated with seeing primarily but the lower brain, and nervous system, the ears and nose are also partially related with this chakra.

A second sight to see beyond the obvious or the physical plane is one of the main power associated to this energy vortex. As the Kundalini energy flow through this chakra, It brings a heightened state of intuition, cross platform interpretation and deeper understanding of time , space and energy. As the universal truth dawns upon the person, he finds himself in a constant state of everlasting bliss or Ananda.

Ailments due to imbalance of Ajna or third-eye chakra

Normally fear, depression, worry and anxiety are the emotions that person feel when this chakra is blocked. Imbalance in this Ajna chakra also leads to paranoia, schizophrenia, inability to concentrate, extreme confusion, psychotic behaviors, hallucinations and nightmares.

Tumors, sinus problems, poor vision and headaches are very frequent physical ailments that are caused by disturbed frequency in this energy centre.

Attunement techniques

Since the lotus associated to Ajna chakra is Indigo in color, meditating on the color, wearing the color and painting the living space in Indigo is also very soothing to the brain waves.

But chanting of AUM or OM is considered most beneficial to balance this chakra. Ek Onkar Satnam, Om Mani Padme Hum , Allah O Akbar , Amen and Ameen are all considered a variation of the primordial sound OM.

While seated cross-legged with spine erect and closed eyes one must gently inhale, hold and exhale while reciting the mantra AUM. While reciting AUM, the focus should be between the eyebrows and imagine fresh indigo-colored lotus blossoming. This simple meditation technique allows the brain to calm down and it helps stop the constant chattering of thoughts in mind. Once the constant bombardment of futile information is taken care of, other meditation techniques and hath yoga poses can be practiced.



After a few rounds of Anulom vilom Pranayama, BHRAMARI, and UDGEETH pranayama have a nourishing effect on brain cells. BHRAMARI means a joyous bee humming after having a heart full of tasty nectar from a flower. That’s exactly the sound of AUM when tried through nostrils.

Udgeeth is conscious breathing in three steps, inhalation, retention, and exhalation. These 3 step corresponds to 3 primordial works of energy generation, maintenance, and dissolution. A is considered as the genesis, U as the manifested world, and M as the dissolution back to the unmanifested state.

Practicing inversions like shirshasana, sarvangasana, adhomukh svanasana, etc that provide proper blood circulation to the brain are very important.  Also, asana like Hal Asana and Karn Peedantak Asan which allows the lower part of the lungs to expand should also be practiced regularly.

With proper consultation, Amethyst, Moldavite, Purple fluorite and Black Obsidian can also be used as stone therapy for attunement

Sarvyoga takeaway

something that easily comes is easily despised” . Make sure you don’t have the same feeling for AUM or OM mantra. It is knowledge beyond any word and treasure beyond any wealth. Only if you experience it once by practice of many lifetimes, you are truly divinity personified.

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