Throat or Vishuddhi Chakra

Centre of occult, speech, and health: Throat or Vishuddhi Chakra

Out of the seven chakras in the body, Throat or Vishuddhi Chakra is the fifth chakra. Vishuddhi is Sanskrit word for pure and filtered. Having the Kundalini energy balanced, activated, and awakened by various means, the consciousness of a practitioner rises to a very high level at this chakra. At this level, all the MAYA or illusion of mind is purified by arduous and consistent KARMA and grace of a Guru. Its location in the vicinity of the pit of the throat that’s why it is also called THROAT CHAKRA.


The Structure of Throat Chakra as described in SHAT CHAKRA NIRUPNAM (6 Vortex Description), an ancient and most credible text by Swami Poornanand Yati is said to be of a lotus with sixteen petals.

This lotus has Bluish-purple petals and has a Sanskrit syllable mentioned on them in blood-red color. These syllables are actually vowels of Sanskrit language. If we read them clockwise wise these vowels are am, Am, im, Im, um, Um, Rm, RRm, IRm, IRRM, Em, aim, Om, OUm, aha, aham.

Shining with the luminescence of full moon, a white circle representing the element SPACE or AKASHA is situated. This circle is rested on trunk of an elephant which has snow colored complexion. In The centre of this circle is the Beej Mantra of this chakra- HAM.

Deity of the Throat or Vishuddhi Chakra

The residing masculine deity of this throat chakra is SADASHIVA. Sadashiva is said to have four hands. One hand carrying a noose which is referring to control over motor and sense organs. Second hand in Abhay mudra which dispels fear of the darkness of ignorance. Third hand carrying a goad or ankusha to control the monkey mind. The fourth hand is in Varada mudra or boon giving hand posture. Within the heart of Sadashiva resides goddess GIRIJA. This goddess has 3 eyes and 5 faces and is covered in tiger skin.

The feminine deity that resides in this lotus is SAKINI, she is pure white as the ocean of milk. A Bow, an arrow, a noose and goad she carries in her four hands. She is described as the gatekeeper of the doorway to heaven. A practitioner at this level of energy activation is said to possess a balanced mind, accurate knowledge, fluency in speech, ready for all kinds of challenges, and free from all diseases. Also, a person gets the power to see past, present, and future time.

Throat or Vishuddhi Chakra

Physical attributes of the Throat or Vishuddhi chakra

When we talk about Vishuddhi chakra, we associate the Thyroid gland with it. These butterfly-shaped glands are controlled by the hypothalamus portion of the brain. Hormonal secretion from these glands is of utmost importance. Cellular activities including metabolism, growth and development, and nervous system activity are regulated by them. Other important body organs associated with this chakra are the bronchial and vocal apparatus, lungs, arms, ears, and mouth. Taste, smell, and hearing- the 3 out of 5 senses are related to this throat chakra. The pharyngeal plexus is the nerve plexus affected by this energy center.

Ailments due to imbalance of Throat or Vishuddhi chakra

At physical level problems related to teeth and mouth are most frequent. Consistent sore throat and sudden hoarseness in voice also indicate energy imbalance in this center. Sudden weight gain and weight loss due to thyroid gland issues are often reported in women while most men with the unusually stiff neck are also affected by imbalance in Vishuddhi chakra. A simple root canal or blocked sinus can lead to more peculiar issues like trigeminal neuralgia if the issue is not attended. Glaucoma, headaches, central nervous system, and left eye issues are also caused due to imbalance in the throat chakra

At a psychological level, a person finds it difficult to speak fluently. Stammering and stuttering are most common. Expression of feeling with the right words often comes as a problem for a person with blocked Vishuddhi chakra. This leads to a protective cover of false ego and self-exile kind of behavior. Due to poor auditory memory, learning through a lecture or speech becomes tough too.

Methods of Activation

Since the motive of balancing and activating Vishuddhi chakra is to basically do the following things:

  • Release all kind of stress
  • Remove chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Clean upper respiratory tracts
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Fully cleanse lungs
  • Make mind healthy and Resistant
  • Develop mental immunity

For this the most commonly used MUDRA or hand gesture Vayu mudra. Sitting comfortably with an erect spine one can gently close his eyes, put fingers in Vayu mudra and breathe normally. While visualizing the blue petal lotus blooming, one can recite the beej mantra “ HAM” regularly while exhaling. This practice should be done for atleast 10 minutes.

If a person is suffering from Thyroid issue then instead of Vayu mudra, Akaash Mudra is recommended and in case of ear problem SHUNYA mudra would be more beneficial.

Color Blue and HAM recitation attune the energy at Throat chakra. Similarly, energy vibration of certain stones like AMAZONITE, TURQUOISE, LAPIS LAZULI and AQUAMARINE is beneficial in optimizing the energies at this chakra. In Hath Yoga practice, to balance this chakra, certain asanas should be performed.  

Asanas to balance Throat or Vishuddhi chakra

  1. Ustrasana the Camel Pose
  2. Manduk Asana the Frog Pos e
  3. Sirsasana the Headstand Pose
  4. Saravangasana the Shoulders stand Pose}
  5. Urdhva Mukha Svanasana the Upward-Facing Dog Pose
  6. Adho Mukha Svanasana the Downward facing Dog pose
  7. Halasana the Plow Pose
  8. Setu Bandhasana the Bridge Pose
  9. Kandharasana The Shoulder Pose
  10. Supt matseyendra Asana

And in Pranayama Practice, UJJAYI pranayama is said to be especially beneficial. Also Nadi Shodhan and Bhramari help in attunement of energies at Vishuddhi Chakra.

Sarvyoga takeaway

A proper warm-up should be done before the practice of Asanas. A Good Gemologist should be consulted who can actually diagnose the problem and suggest the right gem with optimum energy for your body aura and receptivity. Also out of the 6 cleansing techniques, Kapal Bhati and Neti (both water and thread) are very helpful for cleansing, balancing, and activation of Vishuddhi Chakra.

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