12 Benefits of Amla You Didn’t Know About!

You might already be aware of the several benefits of Amla but did you know that it can prevent heart diseases as well? Also called as the Indian Gooseberry, this multifunctional fruit is nothing less than a miracle. Its widespread applications are believed to be used from ancient times in natural therapy and medicine.

Amla grows on a tree whose scientific name is Phyllanthus emblica and is derived from the Sanskrit word – amalaki. The fruit not only holds health benefits, it is revered as an entity of religious in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Benefits-of-Amala-for-healthTo let you know more about this amazing fruit, we will uncover some lesser known facts about Amla in this article.

12 Benefits of Amla You Didn’t Know About

Facilitates Diuretic Functions

Diuretic medicines are used for patients who face urination problems. Eating Amla facilitates diuretic functions of the body which makes urination easier and more frequent. This ensures that no toxic substances are held back by your body and you can stay clean from the inside.

Great for Weak Eyesight

Amla contains some of the most important elements for maintaining a healthy eyesight. Hence, if you’re habitual to low Vitamin C intake, Amla can help you improve your vision and get rid of spectacles. This is one of the benefits of Amla that people don’t talk about. A number of natural therapists suggest drinking Amla juice for the same.

Cancer Inhibitor

Amla fights carcinogenic substances in your body and is believed to reduce the chances of cancer contraction. This is due to the presence of anti-oxidants in Amla, that are natural inhibitors of cancer growth. The molecular composition of Amla acids reduces the reaction of cancer-causing radicals in blood as well.

Anti-inflammatory Nature

Japanese researchers link Amla to anti-inflammatory qualities. This means that Amla can prevent internal body swelling which is the cause of several diseases. It also helps in cleaning the body up from potentially toxic materials.

Aesthetic Benefits  

Apparently, the benefits of Amla are not only internal but aesthetic as well. Amla paste detoxifies skin and provides a natural glow. Several organic products use Amla to make skin creams that improve the complexion of your skin. As Amla is a blood purifier, it prevents the skin from getting pimples too.

Bone Strengthening

Amla contains a lot of calcium which is one reason why it is great for the strengthening of bones. It also contains natural substances that prevent bone damage because of aging. These two reasons combined make it the perfect candidate to increase bone life and stay agile for a longer duration in life.

Body Cooler

The vast amount of Vitamin C found in Amla helps in circulation of Tanin on the skin, a substance responsible for skin complexion. With increased Tanin, the body is able to reflect heat much more efficiently, thus bringing the temperature down. One of the beauty benefits of Amla.

Fights Gall Bladder Anomalies

Increased levels of cholesterol in the blood cause Gallbladder anomalies. Amla helps in reduction of cholesterol and increase the metabolic function of the body. With this, the body is able to expel Gall Bladder stone causing substances and keep you free from any Gall Bladder issues.

Throat Curer

We all keep getting a sore throat from time to time. Thankfully, we don’t have to settle for antibiotics all the time, as Amla can cure throat issues as well. You can consume Amla juice in conjugation with ginger and honey, that further help in curing a common cold.

Blood Sugar Inhibitor

It is surprising to know that one of the benefits of Amla is to reduce blood sugar. Amla basically helps the body to absorb insulin, therefore fighting blood sugar. This process is critical for blood sugar patients. If you or your friends are facing blood sugar, you must include Amla in the diet to curb sugar levels.

Fends off Grey Hair

Are you facing grey hair too early in life? This could be a sign of poor scalp health and skin disorientation. Using Amla based conditioners and scalp lotions can prevent hair from greying. It is the most naturally viable solution for this issue. Amla also contributes to the extensive growth of hair, therefore, maintaining general hair health.

Prevents Stomach Disorders

Constipation is the leading cause of stomach disorders and you’ll be happy to know that Amla can treat them too. Amla contains a high volume of fiber in it which the body uses as roughage. This additional fiber can help you get rid of constipation and make sure that you pass out all the toxins from the body.


We have summarized some of the unknown benefits of Amla that we’re sure will bring more health into your life. You can try Amla in various modes of consumption to achieve a longer and healthier life. No wonder, it is related to spirituality in a number of Ayurveda texts.


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