Half Lotus Pose {Ardha Padmasana}

In Ardha Padmasana, the meaning of “Ardha” is one part or half, “Padma” represents the Lotus and the Asana stands for the seat, pose or posture. Ardha Padmasana is the variation of the authentic seated posture (Lotus Pose or Padmasana in Sanskrit).

Ardha Padmasana is more suitable for those people who have less flexibility in their lower body and also for those who are uncomfortable to perform the full Padmasana (Traditional Lotus Pose). Half Lotus pose is also best for learners or who are new to Yoga. Ardha Padmasana or Half Lotus pose is used as meditations pose the same as Padmasana.

Focusing Chakra: – The Crown chakra
Position: – Seated Pose
Level of Asana: – Basic

Steps of Ardha Padmasana (Half Lotus Pose):

  • First, take the position of Dandasana (Staff Pose) with straight legs in front of you and keep your spine erect.
  • Now, fold (bend) your right knee and place right heel in the direction of your groin, by this number 4 – shape is formed with the combination of your right and left legs.
  • At that time, you have to keep your leg relaxed and not to push your knee towards the ground for a deep stretch.
  • Now, you have to fold (bend) your left knee, at that time your both legs are in the crossing position. Keep your left ankle on the top of your right butt crease. Keep your left foot sole pointing towards the roof.
  • After that, you have to keep your hands on both knees. Remember one thing; during the pose keep your spine erect along with keeping your head straight.
  • Note that, during the whole procedure keep your face muscles relax and close your eyes or you can set your gaze to a particular point present in front of you.
  • Remain in the pose about 1 minute or up to one minute or for the time period of your Pranayama/Meditation practice (during this, breathe deeply). Come back to the Staff Pose and repeat with the other leg.
  • For discharging, extend your both legs towards the ground and sit in the staff pose.
  • Follow the same procedure with your other leg on top.
  • After performing the pose with your both legs, rest in the Savasana (Corpse Pose) for 3 to 5 minutes.

Ardha Padmasana Tips for Beginner’s

If you are not able to keep your foot on your hip crease on its own, in this, you use your hands and arms to assist your leg position.

You can also use a folded blanket if you are facing problems regarding balancing.

Benefits of Ardha Padmasana (Half Lotus Pose) 

  • Ardha Padmasana stretches & strengthens your ankles, knees and inner thighs.
  • Best for those people who find difficulties (bend their leg) to perform Padmasana.
  • It calms your mind and relaxes your body.
  • Good pose for meditation & Pranayama also.
  • Half lotus pose gives relief in sciatica and menstrual pain.


Keep in mind, throughout the process you have to breathe deeply. Ardha Padmasana is a variation of the Padmasana (Lotus Pose) mainly designed for beginners. If you want to improve your Lotus pose then practice Ardha Padmasana regularly for flexibility.

(Practice makes a man perfect)

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