5 Strength Training Exercises You Can Do to Improve Your Yoga Practice

Strength training has multiple advantages and benefits for anyone who does them right. They especially help with strengthening muscles that are key in helping to develop your balance. Balance is essential when you are practicing yoga and the various poses. It can give you the stamina to hold several tougher poses often associated with advanced yogis. By using specific exercises, you can grow your strength in significant ways to strengthen your body. Here are some exercises to help you get to this ultimate form of yogic excellence.

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Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance band exercises can help develop various muscles as you advance to get to heavier weights. Resistance bands allow you to work out any part of the body. They are a great place to start and strengthen your arms and legs. The best use of resistance bands is using your body weight to grow other body parts. A popular resistance band exercise is an upright row, which simulates a rowing movement. Another key resistance band exercise is the glute kick back which focuses on the muscles at the back of your thigh and your glutes.

Rowing Machine Exercises

Some full-body exercises can be overwhelming for people dealing with weight issues, and they can limit how far they can go. However, rowing machine exercises engage your whole body and are still low impact. They help you develop strength in multiple muscles while limiting the impact on your joints. This is especially useful when you are just starting with yoga to lose weight. The rowing machine exercises will help you advance to more complex poses and burn fat. Using this strategy, you can lose weight considerably fast and advance in your Asana journey.

Bicep Curls

The right bicep exercises will help to grow the endurance and strength of the muscles in your upper arm. They also impact your lower arms, helping to strengthen them quite a bit. By following a straightforward rule, you can choose the weights you should use for your bicep curls. With the last three reps being challenging, you should be able to complete ten repetitions with proper form. To avoid injuries and guarantee that your exercises are giving you the most benefit, proper form is crucial.

Deltoid Exercises

The shoulders are where your upper body strength and arms combine to lift your body. Some yoga poses, like the crow pose, depend greatly on your shoulders’ strength. Exercises for the deltoid muscles are versatile and essential for preventing injuries while strengthening the shoulders. The dumbbell shoulder press, which targets the shoulders as well as the core muscles, is one of the most popular exercises for the deltoid muscle group.

Full Body Exercises

You must ensure complete body balance to get the right tone up and strength balance necessary for your yoga. You can ensure this by doing full body exercises, targeting specific muscles through other weight training exercises. Full body exercises can help in building muscle evenly as you strengthen parts that are not as strong as they should be. You can find various simple and innovative machines to help you do full-body exercises at home. You can even carry them to the office for work during your break.


Building up the strength for those yoga poses you envy so much is easy with just a little commitment. You can start with resistance band exercises and then progress to the rowing machine. Once you have built up enough strength in these, you can move up to weights like with bicep curls and deltoid exercises. As you focus on specific muscle groups, ensure you get full-body exercises to maintain a balanced physique.

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