Body Resistance Band Exercises

Fun and Easy Full Body Resistance Band Exercises

There is an old saying All work, No play, makes Jack, a dull boy. We’d say “All workouts, without full body resistance band exercises, make for a dull routine.”

If you are someone who loves to workout at home, then resistance bands are perfect equipment for you. These bands work as much as weights would work for your body.

Resistance bands may seem to be simple but they do wonders for your body. These bands come in a variety of resistances from light, medium to heavy.

Advantages of full body resistance band Exercises

There are a number of benefits of resistance bands. Few of them have been summarized below:

  • Cost-effective equipment- Resistance bands are inexpensive and can be purchased easily.
  • Adaptable for multiple fitness levels- Whether you are a beginner or an expert resistance bands are for you. There are so many full body resistance band exercises such as biceps curls, push-ups and many more.
  • Travel-friendly- These bands are lightweight and portable. You can carry them anywhere and can do full body resistance band exercises in your hotel room.
  • Full body exercises with resistance bands- Resistance bands could be used for full body exercises that challenge the every major muscle group of your body.

Some Popular Full body resistance band exercises

Resistance bands are such a flexible equipment that they can be used with any exercise. The muscle targeting full body resistance band exercises are given below.Body Resistance Band Exercises

Squat and Overhead Press

If it’s your leg day then this exercise is just perfect for you. All you have to do is,

Take the resistance band, place it under your feet. Then, open your feet wider than the width of shoulder, apart from your knees and toes turned slightly out of the side. Hold the handles of your resistance bands by your shoulders, with palms facing in and elbows in by your side. Now, lower down into a squat, chest lifted, weights into the heels. Engage the gluteus muscle and press through your heels to stand up simultaneously pressing your arms overhead.

Repeat this exercise 15 to 20 times

Lunge and Lateral shoulder rise

This exercise could help you get your shoulders and butts in shape. In this exercise, you just need to follow the given below steps;

Keep your the resistance band under your right foot and left foot, behind you, into a lunge position. Hold the handles in your palms. Lower down into a lunge with a 90 degrees bent in your both knees. As lower down the band may slack but when you straighten your legs pull the band up to the sides, to work for your shoulders. Keep your neck relaxed during the lateral rise.

This full body resistance band exercise will also detox your body. Repeat this exercise 10 times with each foot.

Glute kick back

This exercise helps in engaging your glute muscles and get you in your desired shape.

Come down to a Yoga mat, into a cow position. Hold the handles of your band into your palms and wrap the band under the arches of your right foot. Engage your core muscles and oblique as you slightly shift your weight to the left, but keep your hips steady. Press the right leg parallel to the floor or just slightly higher. With control, bring the knee back in.

Repeat this exercise 15-20 times and switch legs.

Upright row

You will feel your shoulder, upper back, arms and even biceps working this exercise.

Put the resistance band under the arches of your feet. Open your feet at the shoulder distance. Keep your back straight and neck relaxed. Now, pull the resistance bands towards your underarms. This full body resistance band exercise is so good for your upper body.

Repeat this exercise 15- 20 times.

Bent over row

This exercise focuses more on the biceps. To do this exercise;

Place the resistance band under the arch of your right foot. Step your left foot into a small lunge and bend your upper body parallel to the floor. Now pull the resistance band upwards leading your elbows and squeeze your shoulder blades. Repeat this exercise 15- 20 times.


Push-ups are just the right exercise for your chest and triceps. You can perform this exercise in two ways, with the wide hand position you’ll focus more on the chest, with narrow hand position you’ll focus more on triceps. All you need to do is;

Come down into push up. Place the resistance band over shoulders blades and hold it with your hands. So, when you straighten your arms you feel the resistance. Repeat this exercise 15 -20 times and try to hold in plank pose.


Add all these Full body resistance band exercises in your daily routine and notice a difference in your body within 4 weeks. If you ‘ll do these exercises, you ‘ll be able to build your muscle strength and endurance that too without any excuses.

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