5 Amazing benefits of Bael fruit

Bael fruit (Bengal quince) is a 100% natural way to revamp your health. Here are 5 amazing benefits of Beal fruit and how to use it!

Bael, which is also known as Bill, or Bhel, is a deciduous shrub with a sweet fruit growing on it. The fruit has a lot of medicinal values and also holds religious importance. The fruit has a hard outer covering and contains an orangy pulp. The pulp can be consumed as it is once the fruit gets ripe. You can also mix it with milk to make a sweet summer beverage.

What makes Bael fruit so unique is the number of nutritional values associated with it. In primitive India, the fruit was worshipped for the number of benefits. It’s good for your skin, heart, and liver. We’ll talk about the 5 amazing benefits of Bael fruit, in this article.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Bael Fruit

Heart and Gastro Functions

The bael fruit is naturally sweet and acts a great substitute for sugar. You can consume the bael fruit juice daily as a natural cooler and energy drink. It helps you prevent heart diseases by cleansing the arteries.

The same juice plays an important role in getting rid of gastronomical problems. It can prove instrumental in alleviating gastric ulcer pain with its antioxidant properties. Therefore, if you have gastric ulcers, you can drink some bael juice in order to get some relief.

The same properties also enable the bael fruit to fight high cholesterol levels. You can rely on it to keep your blood cholesterol in check, as the fruit is really light to consume.

Stomach Healer

Got stomach problems? Get Bael juice! One of the 5 amazing benefits of Bael fruit is that it can treat stomach issues well. If you have constipation issues, you can try Bael juice with a little sugar daily. The fruit cleans the intestines thoroughly and helps you get rid of constipation causing agents.

In case there’s a kid in the house who is suffering from Dysentery, they can also use Bael juice. Since a long time, children are given Bael juice to heal amoebic dysentery. You can mix it with jaggery as well.

Skin Healer

While Bael fruit juice is great for the inner functioning of the body, the leaf is great for your skin. The nectar extracted from the Bael leaf can be drunk with fruit juice to get rid of rashes. Mix some of the fruit juice with the leaf nectar alongside some cumin seeds. The drink can quickly work on skin rashes and is effective in case of Ultracaria.

If you have other kinds of skin rashes, the juice will help in treating those too.

Blood Cleaner

It comes as surprise to people but Bael fruit is a blood cleaner as well. Another great benefit of the 5 amazing benefits of Bael fruit is that it purifies the blood.  The rich mixture of antioxidants elements and antimicrobial properties reduce the toxin content of the blood.

You can add 2-3 spoons of Bael fruit juice to warm water (with some honey if you like), and drink it daily. The drink will help you clean your blood that will further show on your metabolism and skin.

Many a time doctors recommend B-complex medicines for blood purification. The medicines can prove harsh on your body and cause even more problems, whereas Bael juice is 100% natural. Obviously, the juice can’t work at the order which the medicine works. But if you drink the juice daily, you can improve the blood quality a good margin. After all, the natural way is the safer way.

Treat Hemorrhoids and Scurvy

Hemorrhoids and scurvy are two conditions that are hard to treat via medicine. But luckily, the Bael fruit juice can take care of these as well. Hemorrhoids is the swelling of veins in the rectum. It causes a lot of discomfort to the patients while excreting. The Bael fruit juice has anti-inflammatory properties that target swollen organs in the body. This way patients of Hemorrhoids are able to experience some relief with it.

Scurvy is a condition wherein the body shows negative symptoms due to a lack of vitamin C. Symptoms include bleeding, exhaustion and many more. The medication for scurvy primarily contains Vitamin C dosage. You can naturally obtain Vitamin C from Bael fruit and get over it quickly.


You just read the 5 amazing benefits of Bael fruit! No wonder why the fruit was worshipped in the past. There are several more benefits that the fruit provides, and these are just a few. In the nutshell, drinking the Bael fruit juice can help you in a number of ways. It takes care of excessive cholesterol, treats the ailments of the stomach and is great for blood.

Include it in your daily routine today and start living a healthier life!

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