Tips for Upper Back Pain In The Morning

Waking up with an aching back? Here are the most common reasons and some tips for upper back pain in the morning that’ll help you avoid it!

Upper back pain in the morning is one of the most reported illnesses among the 30-54 age bracket and it could happen due to a number of reasons. We have collected some information as to why this happens.

On average, an adult spends a 1/3rd time of their day, sleeping. Sleeping makes some necessary alterations to our body but it could bring harm as well. Researchers often link back pain and neck pain to wrong sleeping postures. If you’re in a habit of inconsistent sleep, you might experience pain in the upper

Causes of Upper Back Pain in The Morning

Before we jump on to some tips for upper back pain in the morning, let’s look at some causes.


Inflammation is one of the rarest causes of back pain in the morning but it’s hard to evade. If you have swelling in your back, it could be due to pathological infection. This could take place due to blood infection or bacteria targetting the gut. If such is the case, we recommend you to see a doctor at the earliest.


Fibromyalgia is characterized by pain in the tissues and muscles. It’s often linked as one of the primary reasons for back pain. There are several points in the body that actually contribute to Fibromyalgia. The back is one of them, hence, if you have recurring back pain, Fibromyalgia could be the reason. The treatment is scarce but some tips for upper back pain in the morning can help.

Poor Sleeping Postures

We all like to sleep like a baby and we often take some unhealthy postures. It is hard to classify certain sleeping postures as “bad for your back”, but if you keep waking up with a backache. You need to start altering your sleeping posture. You could use a new mattress, a new place or a new pillow, whatever helps.

Tips for Upper Back Pain in the Morning

Here are some tips that will help you reduce your recurring morning back pain. These are not sure-shot fixes for the problem but good-to-exercise tips. If your condition is too severe, you should see a doctor at the earliest.

Try Yoga

Yoga and mornings are a match made in heaven. If your back pain isn’t healing after several efforts, we seriously recommend trying Yoga. Just an hour of Yoga in the morning can help you alleviate upper back pain.

There are several Yoga asanas that prove extremely helpful in the back pain. Some of them are listed below.

These asanas involve the stretching of the lower and upper back, which eventually releases tension from a stiff back. The primary reason for recommending Yoga is that it’s super safe. Other ways might need you to take allopathic medication or eating exotic herbs, that can be allergic. Yoga only asks you to exercise for some time in the morning and revitalizes your blood flow. A number of people have been successful in getting rid of back pain by practicing Yoga.


Acupuncture is another great alternative for relieving back pain. It involves pricking needles at certain spots in your body, in order to revive blood flow and decrease pain. If you’re not up for Yoga, you can go to an Acupuncture specialist.

A number of athletes actually practice Yoga and Acupuncture in combination to fight fatigue. Both the things work in tandem to relax the muscles. So, if you’re in a day job that is full of exertion, you might want to try out both.

Massage and Spa

If you’re too busy to try any of the above options out, you may like a nice massage session. The good thing about massages is that they release tension from various parts of the body. Massages can’t totally fix back aches but they’re really effective in providing a temporary solution.

Regular Exercise

White collar job goers and most of the organized job sector has to spend long sedentary hours. Sitting for long starts altering the spine’s internal structure and you end up having chronic pains. In order to fix this, you need to enable proper blood circulation in your body.

Here are some general suggestions that act as great tips for upper back pain in the morning;

  • Use a step counting app in your smartphone and set a goal of 10,000 steps every day.
  • Use a smartwatch to set hourly alarms in order to disrupt sitting for too long.
  • Utilize your lunch break for a walk around your workplace or college campus.
  • Include fun activities in your routine, such as table tennis, or hopscotch.


The article elucidates a number of tips for upper back pain in the morning. You can easily include them in your routine, without breaking a back. Even if you don’t want to see a doctor, these tips are sure to help you recover in the long run.

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  1. Thirunavukkarasu Sivasubramaniam

    As the Author states, Bhujangasana for 15 minutes daily will drive out back pain. Ardha Matsyendrasana is also good for lower back pain.

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