Yoga Vs Gym – Which is better?

When your end-goal is to get fit, the everlasting debate of Yoga Vs Gym can be confusing. Here’s what you should do according to your lifestyle!

Yoga and gym are two regimes that are widely popular around the world to get a toned physique. Both the techniques take you to fitness but there are certain differences. Yoga is a non-intensive way whereas the gym requires you to undergo intensive workout sessions.

So, the question remains that whether you should opt for Yoga or Gym? Which is the winner among the Yoga vs Gym debate? Let’s explore various sides of the argument to see which one is better?

Yoga vs Gym: How It’s Done


The practice of yoga deals with breathing exercises, body postures and stretching the body in various ways. These activities help in creating a balance between the body’s physiological functions by stimulating one thing at a time.

Most of the techniques that fall under Yoga don’t require you to carry out physically intensive tasks. You just have to sit at a certain place and make your body do things.

Your body starts getting fit as you fine-tune your inner working. It also heavily relies on meditation, which basically means that you won’t be moving around a lot.


The gym is but the contrary to yoga. You undergo heavy physical exertion and train your muscles to gain strength. There is a lot of cardiovascular exertion also involved, which aims at fat loss.

In a typical workout session at a gym, you work with several weights and mechanical exercising techniques. You train your body parts by exposing them to physical stress.

You repeat the stress several times in an orderly fashion until the body muscles become sturdy.

Some physicians say that yoga is not good for people who are looking to lose some weight. Due to the lack of physical exertion. But if we go by Yoga gurus, it can prove just as beneficial. Several of Yoga asanas and mental exercises can be helpful in losing weight. Therefore, in this Gym vs Yoga debate, both the entities are just as fruitful.

Yoga vs Gym: Impacts on Body

Gym and Yoga impact the body in different ways, even if the end results are the same. The working concept of a gym is to go through controlled physical stress in order to achieve strength. Whereas, yoga is about achieving mental harmony. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

How Gym Impacts the Body

The gym impacts the body in physical ways. Your influence your muscles, nervous system, respiratory system, and metabolic activities when you workout at a gym.

Due to constant hammering, the muscles of the body grow bigger in size and more flexible. You burn the excess fat in the body during the workout.

As the body gets fit, the mind also starts to function better. For a lot of people, exercising daily is a way of releasing pent-up emotions. This ultimately leads to improvement in thought process and circulatory system.

People who constantly head to gym develop a better stamina and a toned body. You can clearly spot the difference between a gym-goer and a non-gym-goer just by the size of the muscles. There are body-building competitions and aesthetic shows, where people flaunt their gym bodies.

How Yoga Impacts the Body

Yoga impacts the body in more instrumental ways. The sole purpose of yoga is the cultivation of a balance between the mind and physiology.

Yoga brings meditation, physical postures, breathing exercises, and mind focusing techniques together in harmony. All of this helps you cleanse your body of negative energies and toxins in the blood.

As yoga is focused at the brain, most of the bodily developments are carried out by harnessing mental peace. When the mind is calm and composed, it revitalizes other functions of the body with it.

In a study at UT Health Science Center in San Antonio, the researchers found striking similarities in the way, both gym and yoga impact the body. Basically, the yoga vs gym debate talks of two different ways of achieving the same thing.

Yoga Vs Gym: Which Suits Who?

The debate ultimately boils down to the point that which regime is better for your lifestyle. Some people like doing yoga instead of gyming, while others can’t live without lifting some weights daily.

If you’re a working individual with jam-packed schedules and tight running shifts, it’s advisable that you opt yoga to attain fitness. Whereas, if you’re someone who can take out 2-3 hours of exercise time daily, you can go for gyming.

Similarly, people seeking a better mind-body balance must try out Yoga. Several bodybuilders claim to practice yoga in order to relax their mind and decrease physical fatigue in their body.

A lot of health experts actually advise a combination of yoga and gym for the best results.

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