Yoga: Way of living life

On 21st June, The International yoga day is celebrated worldwide. And it makes India proud because the origin place of yoga is India.

But still many people thinks yoga is just a physical exercise, and many people do yoga for physical fitness, but yoga beneficial in both physically and mentally.People have different- different views regarding yoga. But in our view yoga or Yog is not just a physical exercise, it’s a simple way of living healthy life, it is a lifestyle. The meaning of the word Yog is “to add”, “to meet”.

Meaning of Yoga


  • To Add: – I use the word “To add” for the meaning of yog, because by doing yoga good health is added to our body, Positive thoughts is added to our mind.
  • To meet:- By the help of yog or yoga we gain the capability to know ourselves very well (self -actualization). It is the best way for Inlightment and for Moksha also, Moksha is the last stage of yog, In Today’s world’s its very tough to meet the state of Moksha.

The word yoga is made from the Sanskrit word “Yujir yogey”, which means to yoke,join, or Unite. Meaning of the word yoga in Hindusim, Buddhism, and Jainism is spiritual discipline. The historical background of yoga is very ancient, in sindhu ghati, and Haddapa sanskriti  many evidences were fond regarding yoga.

Maharishi Patanjali is known as the father of yoga, he compiled his thoughts and all knowledge regarding yog  into his comprehensive work in the book “Patanjali yog sutras”. In this book He wrotes everything about yoga, in simple words.

Eight Limbs of Yoga

  1. Yam

  2. Niyam

  3. Asana

  4. Pranayama

  5. Prtyahaar

  6. Dharna

  7. Dhyan (Meditation)

  8. Samadhi

Eight Limbs of Yogas (Ashtanga yoga)

  • Yam

It includes moral codes, lovable and discipline behavior to the society. Non- violence, non-stealing, truth, no lust and non possessiveness are the moral principles of social behavior.

  • Niyama

This self-purification and study of scriptures take place. Self purification means inner discipline which includes purity, contentment, austerity and awareness of the divine.

  • Asana

Doing different body postures.

  • Pranayama

Control of breathing. Prana is the energy which is present everywhere, by which we can breathing.

  • Pratyahara

Control and take over the human senses (Eyes, nose, ear, Tongue, skin are called senses or Indriyas in term of yog). This occurs by meditation, practicing yoga (doing different body posture) and breathing exercises.

  • Dharna

focusing or concentrating on a particular object or point to keep the mind free of distraction.

  • Dhyan

Doing meditation in an order to gain a state of heightened awareness.

  • Samadhi

This is the last and higher state of being or bliss in which the ego ceases to exist and the true, pure nature of an individual emerges.

Nature of Yoga

Yoga has many branches, Hath yoga, Karm yoga, Raj yoga, Bhakti yoga, Iyengar yoga, Bikram yoga e.t.c.

World is like a big ocean of sorrow and problems, and yog is like a boat by which we can cross the ocean of sorrow and problems. Today’s world is a world of technology, every Men-Women wants to be successful in their life, for this they continuously work hard, even late night.Now a days people totally ignore the rule of nature. Nature and yoga said  “Early to bed early to rise makes a person healthy and wise”, this is simple lines and the most important and the basic rule of nature.

For becoming successful and well known person people working hardly and ignore their physical health and mental health, they are running and running, by this they totally exhausted by their mind, frustration, tension, depression and smoking habbits is automatically added to him.This is totally opposite to the nature.

if we follow the basic and important rule of Nature and yoga and change our lifestyle and habbit also then tension, depression e.t.c. is automatically kicked out from our mind, and we feel more relax. If we really want to become excellent in our work then read this slok carefully: –

Buddhiyukto jahatiha ubhe sukritadushkrite l
Tasmadyogaya yujyaswa yogah karmasu kaushalam ll 


This slok is taken form Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, from chapter 2 verse 50. In this, Lord Krishna talks to Arjuna about yogah karmasu kaushalam” (yoga is excellence at work).

  • This islok or Verse advices us to perform our work or duty in an excellent manner.
  • The word Kaushalam signifies doing work with devotion and without becoming workaholic.
  • Such type of detached attitude boosts its values and improves the concentration and skill of the worker.
  • If we work with patience, elegance and with skill our Body-Mind-soul will co-operate with our hands.
  • By becoming a tool in the hands of Supreme one has to perform the work.
  • Any kind of work becomes more valuable if carried out with full concentration, dedication, capabilities and abilities and also helps us to become valuable to others as well as to society.
  • We should never worry about the Fruit of action.

By implementing above words we find excellence in our work, and we are always happy for doing work without the thought of what we earn from this. But Now ga days incentives, bonus is motivating for doing work.

The Ultimate Goal of yoga

Doing or imitating the yoga posture for physical fitness is not only the goal of yoga; What I think, the real Goal of yog is teach the people- how can we live our life simply and healthy with joy and happiness.


For living simple, peaceful, happy and healthy life, we have to keep our Body-Mind-Soul relax and healthy. How this can is possible? My answer for this question is one and only Yoga or yog. If we include Yog in our lifestyle then this can happen easily. Yoga helps one attain the absolute knowledge of the difference between the spiritual which is timeless, unchanging, and free of sorrows, and the material which is not. This and this alone can guarantee peace. For living tension free and healthy life with joy and peace then follow and include yoga in your habbit.

Way of Living Life

Now a days every people have a hectic schedule, they even have a single minute for relaxing. I will tell some simple tips for those people who are busy and not a spare time for yoga.

  1. First of all try to change your habbits, wake up early in the morning and drink 4-5 glass of water, slowly- slowly try to increases the glass of water. This is the first thing you have to do after wake up. If you are not able to wake up early in the morning around 5”O clock, then try to wake up 5 minute earlier before your daily wake up time. Slowly – slowly change 5 minute into ten minutes.
  2. If you feel like vomiting after drinking water, not to worry about this, just go to bathroom and vomit. Vomiting is useful because undigested food particles come out through vomiting.
  3. After that Do Asans like suryanamaskar, Tadasan, Trikonasan e.t.c.


  1. In the beginning or early stage (when you are trying to start yoga) do Asan for five minutes and five minutes pranayaam also. In pranayaam you can try Anulom- vilom, kapalbhati, Udgeet (chanting the word Om). And try to do Meditation after pranayaam atleast 3 minutes.
  2. Try to avoid fast food, in breakfast take fruits daily, and dry fruits also.(Almonds, nuts)
  3. If you are in an office, then take 3 or 5 minutes break in every 1 hr, in this 3 or minutes just close your eyes and thinking about the funniest and happiest moment of your life, after that splash your eyes with water and get back to your work.
  4. Again after one hour just close your eyes and move your neck in clock wise and Anticlock wise for few minutes, than rotate your wrist same as neck, repeat these steps with your foot also. You can do this on your working office chair. Friends these simple steps can change your life, and you never bore in doing your work.

Note: – Do yog Asans and Prayanam under a specialist person.

we are trying to make your life happy by these simplest steps, please try these rules and steps daily. And remember one thing “early to bed early to rise make a person healthy and wise”. Add love, discipline to your life, enjoy the every single moment of life. Give Respect to your elders. Remember one thing Almighty gave you only one chance to survive. If you are waste your life in hate others, adoptating bad habbits, then this is your fault. Live your life with confidently and smartly by doing yoga. Don’t take yoga as only the Physical exercise, atleast try once, it’s not costs you not harm you. It does only make your life healthy and peacefull.

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