Yoga v/s Exercise; Feel the Difference

The world is getting aware increasingly about being physically fit. Amid this awareness common questions often hit almost everyone’s mind…How yoga is different from exercise? Is practicing yoga better or hitting a gym for exercise? As both being physically oriented and lose weight or tone the body, people often misunderstand both as the same result giver. Here it is important to tell, both are NOT the same.

Exercise is an activity that gives awesome physical health, muscle, and appearance to a punctual exercise freak. Yoga is a lever higher. It not only provides good physical health but a calm-composed mind, a disease-free, flexible, high-activity body, cool-persona, conserves energy, reduces muscle-tension, state of awareness, last but not the least, Yoga in itself is a life to be lives, a world totally different.

Yoga and exercise is entirely different and in this article, Sarvyoga will take you to a tour explaining the difference between yoga and exercise. However, one similarity between them is, they both help in reducing weight.

how yoga is different from exercise

To understand the difference between the two, you must know about each one from inside out. 

Knowing Exercise

‘SWEAT’ is one word that defines exercise so well, ‘VIGOROUS’ is another. The high intensity works out which strains on the muscles back to back which makes the heart pump faster and resulting in a higher speed of breather. Exercise is known to be excellent for heart cranking up the rate, stables blood pressure and lungs work hard.

Globally, exercise has many forms. It is done with the help of machines, or manually as well, depending upon the needs and necessities. Machines are forms of exercise are each for different body parts. However, any form of workout reduces the weight of the overall body. There is a gym, swimming, skipping rope, Zumba, aerobics, gymnastics, sports, all are counted under exercise. Hitting to the gym regularly tones the body but makes it stiff, and inflexible. Also when it comes to weight lifting, it drains the energy completely.        

Yoga is Definitely different

Coming to yoga, we’ll like to tell you that it is entirely different from what exercise is. The low-intensity workout requires mind and body to be at peace and then your heart rate and blood pressure go down. The yoga movement has poses that relax each and every cell of your body, stretches it without strain, and results in relaxation, eases the body and brain, stables weight, and keeps away the body from any type of disease.

The Pranayama; Inhale peace, exhale stress

Focus upon breathing pattern is the one necessary thing about Yoga, also called the conscious awareness of breath- breathing exercises are termed as Pranayama. Pranayama is the soul of Yoga. The energy flows inside the whole body via nostrils. The sound of pranayama is the ultimate rhythm. It is all about the breathing, but here let us tell you, that from this breathing practice, every part of the body is affected. Starting from the brain, face, heart, lungs, genitals, legs, ankle, every part knowingly or unknowingly participates in the pranayama and floats into serenity.

Opening of Chakras

Do you know about the chakra of your body? Well, this is something we’d like you to know. In Sanskrit, chakra means a wheel. The human body has a spiritual X-Factor and the spiritual the power lies in these chakras. Yes, we have chakras inside our spiritual bodies.

  • Muladhara
  • Svadisthana
  • Manipura
  • Anahata
  • Visudhha
  • Ajna
  • Sahasrar

These seven chakras have different meanings and impacts on our lives. It takes a lot of dedication, concentration, and discipline towards yoga and meditation, in order to get closer and make these chakras open to work. Normally these chakras are blocked, and when we are hyper with anger, over-stressed, or anxious these chakras get blocked which creates issues in our health and life. Yoga and meditation enable these chakras to open, and then went deep, these chakras even determine the new ways for life.  

Sarvyoga takeaways

If you go crazy for a vigorous workout, and love to move your body faster than ever, and also want to lose/gain weight too soon, then go for exercise. Other hands, to stay at peace, for a cooler mind, relax in life, and if you need to stay many feet away from diseases all over your life, then make yoga your life. Try and feel.

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