What is Yoga Teacher Training

The concept of Yoga Teacher Training is not new to the modern Yogic practices. It is the process of transcending from a yoga practitioner to a professional trainer. A lot of people believe that Yoga is just about physical exercises. More than just that, it has a mental and spiritual side to it too.

What is Yoga Teacher Training

As a Yoga practitioner, when your practice moves to a deeper level, you must consider Yoga Teacher Training. It comprises of –

  • First of all, learning the theories behind the practice.
  • Mastering the Asanas to the level of a potential trainer.
  • Striking a balance between all the 8 limbs of Yoga(only one of which is Asana)
  • Finding one’s inner self by Meditation.
  • Finally, developing the skill to heal oneself and others by Yogic regimes.

YTT is also something that enables a Yogi to turn their passion into the profession. That feat can be achieved once a person polishes their current skill to a higher level. One also gets to acquire knowledge of the ideal Yoga-oriented nutrition. Furthermore, YTT prepares you to opt for the right food choices coupled with a Yogic lifestyle for better functioning of your system. All YTT Schools give sufficient training on all the above niches to develop a practitioner into a teacher.

How Yoga Teacher Training changes your life

Most of the accessible sources only enumerate how Yoga makes you physically better but it is imperative to note the holistic changes it brings to one’s life. It is a higher level of learning Yoga where one can achieve abilities like better mental awareness. Yoga Teacher Training helps an individual to attain a state where the body responds better to its surroundings and a clear line of thought. Yoga in general helps to strike a  balance between the mind, body, and soul. The level to which we develop this balance while on the YTT program helps to propagate and teach an art as ethereal as Yoga.

It puts one in an advanced position to not just go deeper into the learning process but also to teach. Ultimately, that is the actual purpose of this whole training program. The difference between being a Yoga student and a Yoga teacher lies in the level of experience and training acquired. An existing Yoga teacher has gained experience of Yoga over a period of time and as a student. While a student only learns the Asanas and Dhyana (meditation) mainly, a trained teacher learns and understands all the 8 disciplines of Yoga. YTT prepares you with the understanding of the 8 limbs of Yoga as a way of life. A person trained at YTT attains the right amount of diligence, ethics, and many self-progressing techniques. Most importantly, the YTT programs help to season those skills and experience in a sequenced manner.

It is altogether a different experience where at the end of 1 or 2 or 3 or 6 months you are vigorously trained so much that you’re expedient to train the students. This process is an overall transformation of an individual imparting a toned body, a balanced mind, and a relaxed soul.

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