Best Yoga Teacher Training In India 8 Concepts

Wondering what the best yoga teacher training in India will teach you? Here are the 8 major concepts related to yoga that you must know about!

In its essence yoga is not only a way to exercise but a technique to evolve your mind. This evolution comes by learning the deeper concepts associated with yoga. All of this will be a part of your training curriculum when you come to India for the same. But if you are unsure of what the training holds in reserve for you, you can refer to this article.

In India, yoga has become a way of life and you must have heard about Sadguru, the famous yoga preacher who is bringing clarity to the world about yoga.Best-Yoga-Teacher-Training-In-India-yttc

Let’s learn about the 12 major concepts that you’ll uncover in the best yoga teacher training in India.  


The first concept is the word Yoga itself.

Yoga etymologically means “union”. It comes from the Sanskrit word, “Yuj”.

The practice revolves around the philosophy that human beings can unite with their higher sense using yoga. This higher sense allows them to gain better control over their actions and psychology. Yoga lays down certain ways of meditation, stretching and breath control that helps your body to achieve eternal peace.


Dharma basically translates to “religion” in the Hindi language.

The concept usually associates with the best yoga teacher training in India in the sense that a certain working principle is required in life to obtain enlightenment.  Without structuring your pathway while practicing yoga; you may end up in chaos. Hence, Dharma is the combination of laws and orders that help yoga devotees to practice it appropriately.

Dharma here doesn’t refer to any other religion in India.


Buddhi means intelligence in Sanskrit.

Yoga is a lot about enhancing the natural ability of the brain and intelligence is one aspect. There are several definitions of intelligence in Yoga and Buddhi is just one of them.

You’ll be taught to control the power of intelligence and use it to efficiently. Yoga employs special techniques to control the flow of intelligence.  It is the fundamental building block of the human mind.


Vasana is a group of memory or the worldly instances that your mind bundles together for the purpose of remembering. Such groups of memory usually exist in the subconscious or unconscious levels of your mind.  They may or may not affect your being. It’s an unavoidable aspect of the best yoga teacher training in India.

Through yoga you are taught to gain control over these groups of memories and articulate them for usage in daily life. There may be memories associated with joy and happiness. These can be activated voluntarily inside your mind so that they help you stay happier in life.


You must have seen people performing various stances and actions when they practice yoga. These actions and stances refer to Kriya in yoga which is the rightful technique to do the same.

The body postures, the movement of body parts and various breathing patterns prescribed in yoga refer to Kriya. Understanding all these kriya actions will help you become a better instructor. It’s one of the practical aspects of doing yoga included in your best yoga teacher training in India.


This concept describes the very nature of your spirit. Each spirit has its own peculiar qualities that make it unique therefore Swadharma refers to the natural qualities contained in each spirit. You can compare this to individuality. As each individual is unique in itself, each soul has something that it endears the most.

Yoga aids in aligning the swadharma with healthy deeds so that you can harness the power of the individuality. You may be naturally skilled at athletics, therefore, with yoga, you can raise the level of your athleticism and perform better in real life.


Vairagya translates to detachment. It is a concept that teaches an individual to give up material pleasures and pains altogether. It helps in obtaining an indiscriminate focus in meditation.

When you work on your mind through the practice of yoga. You have to distance yourself from the preoccupations of your mind. Vairagya teaches you to do so.

The use of Vairagya is critical in achieving the supreme level of meditation where you can explore the boundaries of your mind. It may sound new to people coming for the first time for the best yoga teacher training in India.


This word roughly talks about the spiritual conscience that helps you decipher good and evil, equal and discriminate, ephemeral and permanent, and the like.

Understanding the Viveka gives you the balance you need to create in life. Everything that we come across comes with the foresight of good and bad. Sometimes, the inability to differentiate the both can lead to a spiritual imbalance in life. Yoga teacher training helps in resolving by strengthening the Viveka.

Conclusion – the best yoga teacher training in India

By now you would have gained a never-before-seen insight into the concepts of yoga. For most people, this would help them strengthen their resolve to fly down to India to learn the art. If this is the case you should consider doing so at the earliest. For the rest of us, this has been an enlightening read as we explore the divine concepts of our life through yoga.

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