{10} Awesome Natural ways to gain weight At Home

Reducing weight is an important issue for most of the people now a day. But somewhere down the line reducing weight naturally is like a big fight. Have you know many people want to gain weight, being a underweight is there big issue same like the people who are looking for to reducing weight. Both issues are different but both take time when it comes to result. Gaining weight is top in their priority list, so not to worry we are here for helping you.

We uncover the {10} awesome natural way to put on weight in a healthy way.

Before we uncover the {10} awesome natural ways to gain weight naturally or at home. Remember one thing there are so many things which are responsible for gaining or reducing weight. And hormones play a vital role in gaining weight, imbalance of hormones can directly affect your body growth as well as weight gain.Natural-ways-to-gain-weight-At-Home

Here we are mention some important hormones which are responsible for gaining or reducing weight.

  • Glucocorticoids
  • Melatonin
  • Progesterone & estrogen (Female hormones)
  • Testosterone (Male hormones)
  • Cortisol
  • Thyroid
  • Insulin
  • Leptin

Please check the level of your hormones before doing these things it will help you easily whether you want to put on weight or reduce weight.

So you need to know how to put on weight naturally?

Here we mention 11 Natural ways to increase weight follow these and add some Kgs to your body!

Full cream milk is the easiest way to increase weight. For this, you’ve to change your skimmed milk with whole milk. Instead of morning tea take one glass of milk, and also before going to bed drink one glass of milk daily. Add this habit to your daily routine. Full cream or whole milk provides you 60 to 80 extra calories per glass in comparison to skimmed milk. Milk is a good source of calcium, Vitamin D and A and also full of many nutrients. You can take your milk with cereal and with oatmeal. Putting banana or mango in milk makes it more powerful, so you have the option to take a banana shake or mango shake (in juicer or mixer add two bananas with milk or you can use mango pulp and mix it with milk). Surely it will increase your weight if you try this continuously.

  • Ghee or Butter

Clarified butter is very high in calories. If you don’t like to drink milk then try Butter with the bread and roast it well. This is also a good breakfast having all the nutrients which are requisite for the daily needs. One interesting fact is butter contains saturated fats. There is one alternate for butter, you can change butter with Ghee (Clarified butter). Clarified butter is easily available but keeps your eyes on during purchasing the Ghee. Don’t compromise with the quality. It is beliefs that Cow’s Ghee is very healthy for our body, eyes, & mind also.

But for gaining weight use Buffalo Ghee, it contains high calories and fats in comparison with Cow’s Ghee. You can consume Ghee in cooking in the place of cooking oil. When you lightly fried eggs in Ghee or butter then it will definitely boost up your calories along with you gain the weight day by day. For milk lovers, you can add one or two tablespoons of Ghee in a glass of milk but don’t add sugar to your milk. And take this milk before going to bed.

  • Try once the Peanut butter

The combination of Peanuts and butter is outstanding for gaining weight. As we know that peanuts are fully packed with fat & protein. It is an ideal meal part for those who are looking for increasing the weight naturally. One single tablespoon of peanut butter contains about 100 calories. If this is not enough then it also packed with Vitamin B & E, folic acids, and magnesium. Just take a whole wheat bread and apply the very thick layer of peanut butter and enjoy or toast with milk.  

  • Whole Wheat Bread

Butter and bread are incomplete without each other. If we are talking about butter & ghee then how can we ignore bread? For gaining weight whole wheat bread is the best and easiest way to gain the weight naturally. The easiest way to consume bread is with the layer of butter. Or you can toss it up with healthy grains; whole wheat bread has sufficient nutrients which are best for a healthy breakfast. This will add enough calories to your breakfast. The best part of whole wheat bread is it fully packed with fiber and minerals which are not seen in the normal pieces of bread (white bread). So, add whole wheat bread in your breakfast with some grains and an extra layer of butter.

  • Yummy Cheese

A sandwich is incomplete without cheese and it’s my favorite and definitely, you love it. The best part of cheese is that you can use it in any favorite dishes of yours. When there is a shortage of milk in your home then cheese is a good option. And cheese is full of nutrients same as milk. Commonly cheeses contain very high fat, thus the use of cheese definitely helps you to increase the weight naturally.

  • Trust the Amazing Avocado

If you want to add simple and easy fats to your diet just add Avocado. It is the awesome way to add fats to your diet. Have you know that half piece of an avocado is packed with about 138 to 140 calories. And Avocado is also rich in minerals, Vitamins (Vitamins E especially), potassium, and folic acid. You can also use avocado in your salads or you may spread the layer on avocado on the slice of bread.

  • King of vegetable Potato

Potato is lovable so everyone likes potatoes. A main part of the potato is you can mix it with any vegetables or with any edible material. Potato is very high in carbohydrate which is good for gaining weight fast and naturally. Potatoes also contain fibers, protein and adequate amount of vitamin (Vitamin C especially). Every one peels the outer skin of the potato, but an interesting fact is with the skin potatoes has ample nutrients. So, don’t neglect its skin, wash potatoes properly and roast it but don’t peel its skin and eat it. Peeling the skin off means you are missing the main part of proteins & minerals. Boil the potatoes after that fried it in the butter and eat it.

  • Say Yes to Fruits

Tropical fruits can solve your problem and helps you to increase the weight of the body. King of fruits is Mango, so don’t ignore a Mango along with pineapple, bananas, and papayas contains the natural sugar. Natural sugar is the easy and simple way to gain weight. Definitely, these tropical fruits having natural sugar boost your energy level and fills up your stomach. You can consume the fruit by making fruit salads or you can mix these fruits in a sweet dessert but don’t add extra sugar or saturated artificial sugar. What about the smoothie, you can also make a refreshing smoothie by mixing vegetables with fruits and blend them & enjoy your smoothie. But remember golden rule don’t add sugar instead of sugar you can use maple syrup or honey.

  • Dry Fruits (especially nuts)

As snacks nuts are an awesome choice and excellent for putting on some weight. Dry fruits contain various amounts of nutrients and fiber as well as fat also. That helps you to increase the body weight. Mix all the dry fruits or nuts and take it time to time this will full your stomach for a long duration. The best part is that you can carry these nuts with you in anywhere you go (school, college or office).  

  • For Meat lovers (Red meat)

This is only for meat lovers always give preference to red meat. Red meat is rich in high cholesterol and it is a very powerful way to put on weight very easily. Red meat also holds the high amount of iron as well as various proteins. For making it more effective just add 2 to 4 drops of olive oil in the red meat properly toss it and keep in the oven. It is a perfect and healthy way to put on weight. But always choose the fresh meat for your diet.

The second item is eggs, ya! You heard correct eggs are also the best way to put on weight use butter, potatoes with eggs. Then surely it will create a magic you can easily gain the weight.

Important Notes

  • Avoid Trans fat and fast food which is unhealthy for gaining weight.
  • Trans fats easily found in processed food, so avoid this.
  • Beverages like soda and cold drinks and French fries will definitely increase the weight but not in a healthy manner.
  • These are not good for your heart also, all these things trigger the heart-related disease, diabetes, and blood pressure related problems.
  • So follow above-mentioned tips for gaining the weight naturally. Many boys & girls are taking a protein shake or so-called supplements without any concern.
  • So, without any knowledge don’t become the doctor yourself.

(Go green and respect the mother nature)

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