Why Yoga Teacher Training Best in India

The origin of Yoga is estimated to date back to 400 BC when Patanjali composed a collection of aphorisms on Yoga practice called “YOGA SUTRA”. Maharishi Patanjali was the Father of Ancient Yoga. Hatha yoga is a branch of Yoga that involves physical exercises and postures that are proven to maintain a healthy body coupled with a healthy mind. Needless to say, Hatha Yoga or just “Yoga” finds its roots in ancient India. For a lot of centuries the importance or even existence of Yoga remained in obscurity. It was in 1890 when Swami Vivekananda exposed the World to the boons associated with the practice of Yoga. Thus, that marked the onset of Yoga becoming a popular therapy of alternative medicine worldwide. There was an upsurge of different schools of Yoga coming up across the entire 20th century not just in India, but its impact enveloped the whole world.

However, it would not be wrong to state that India still maintains its legacy of being the pioneer of Yogic practices. India being the place of origin of Yoga and related practices continues to be a hub of the Yogic culture in the world. As wide as the expanse of its impact on potential Yoga learners is, the scope of teaching of Yoga is also catching up a great deal in India. With the ups well in the number of Yoga teachers in India, there are an exuberant number of schools in India itself that cater to the need of Yoga Teachers’ Training.

India is the Best Place for Yoga Teacher Training

India addresses the concern of teaching Yoga in its duality- the body element and the mind element simultaneously. Since both are equally important facades, an individual looking forward to learning to teach Yoga gets to dive deep into the holistic Yoga vibe in India. It gives the potential teachers the wide array of chances to stage their Yogic talent and put it to use for benefiting the people in India itself. Further, what gives India the essential edge over various other countries with respect to teachers’ training is the fact that there is an abundance of teacher’s training schools to pick from. The courses designed are very flexible and pocket-friendly. Furthermore, the idea of Yoga Teachers’ Training is not new to India as it has been around for almost half a century in the country.

Experienced Trainers

Even today, some of the most experienced hands and minds at Yoga in the world are available here to disseminate this knowledge to India and the world. The teachers’ trainers in India take Yoga to a more meaningful level by imparting their experiences that have seasoned them over decades. Being associated with training teachers for a long span of time, the future teachers of Yoga to the world can bank upon this opportunity to get a flavor of what the ACTUAL, ORIGINAL Yoga is all about. There can be no better place to learn these skills than India itself.

Learning an art is always preferred to be done at its place of origin. For India, Yoga is that Art that it will always take pride in for having its roots here and nurturing the skill with its perfect knowledge for centuries.

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