Yoga poses for the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Yoga for the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Woohoo!! Many congratulations! Blessed are those who get the chance to bring life to earth. Since you have conceived now, we wish you have a safe pregnancy period and comfortable delivery. The more you’ll take care of yourself, the more you’ll be fine in this tenure. Few moms-to-be are able to take awesome care and set an example for others, whereas there are a few, who witness a crucial phase. But whatever, this is a beautiful time, and you must enjoy every bit of it. The first trimester of pregnancy is truly important, and one should take extra care of themselves. Taking prenatal yoga sessions and practicing asanas during the first trimester results in wonder.

Helps in dealing with the change

The body rapidly changes in the first trimester, and this is where yoga helps you to be at ease. Prenatal yoga asanas in the first trimester not only helps in the mental and physical relief but helps in the growth of the baby. If you are suffering from pregnancy side effects like nausea, vomiting, smell issues, mood swings, etc, yoga helps in calming you down and making your mind and body prepared for the coming situations.

Yes, it is safe

Practicing prenatal yoga is completely safe, you just have to perform under the guidance of any yoga guru. Before starting, do consult your doctor about your plans for joining prenatal yoga sessions. Your doctor will suggest you better as to what should be done and what not. You should also share your medical history with your yoga instructor as well.  

In this article of sarvyoga, we will talk about what yoga asanas can be beneficial during your first trimester of pregnancy.

Do follow this during your first trimester of pregnancy

  • Don’t practice stiff and hard yoga asanas during your first trimester. Avoid stretching more than you are capable of.
  • If in pain, avoid practicing yoga and consult your instructor.
  • Do not practice asanas rigorously, you may take rest whenever you feel like.
  • Avoid doing asanas at increased temperatures.
  • Don’t do yoga asanas if you are not feeling well, rather rest.

Yoga Poses to practice during the first trimester of pregnancy

Yoga poses for the First Trimester of Pregnancy
Yoga poses for the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Cow pose

You see a cow standing? The same way you have to perform this asana. This asana is also known as bitilasana. Bitila is a cow in Sanskrit. It is one of the most important yoga asanas to practice during the first trimester of pregnancy. You should do Cow pose (bitilasana) during the morning without eating anything. You stomach should be completely empty. Remember to not to hold this asana for more than 10-15 seconds. During pregnancy, many women suffer from posture problems, this asana lets you balance your posture, and also helpful in relieving stress. It is a good stretch exercise for the neck and spine.


Legs up in the wall and you got the asana! It is extremely relaxing and muscle strengthening. Practice it empty stomach and don’t hold it for more than 10-15 seconds. During pregnancy, women have leg pain issues, this asana helps in getting rid of feet pain. Don’t hold this asana for more than 15 seconds. Vipreetakanari Asana also helps in easing headache.  


Making mountain pose is tadasana. You just need to stand and stretch upwards and slowly you’ll feel rejuvenated and top of the world. This asana acts as a great stretching exercise. You need not perform it empty stomach. Hold Tadasana for a few seconds but not more than your capacity. It is a great stress buster and improves strength. This also improves posture. Best for back and hips.


This pose is best for stretching your thighs, legs, and feet. It is done the exact way a butterfly shakes her wings. Legs are shaken in this asana and you will feel relax from any kind of muscle pain. Butterfly Pose is very easy to perform but you should not be too rigorous while performing this asana. It should be done an empty stomach but not more than 3-4 minutes. It strengthens the leg muscle.

Cat pose

See the cat standing? This is how this pose is done, exactly as a cat. Make sure that while making the posture on the yoga mat, your wrist should be in line with your shoulders and knees with the hip. When you bring your belly downward you should inhale gently, then chin-up towards the ceiling, shoulders must separate from ears, and get back to the cat pose while exhaling softly. The recommended maximum time holding this asana is 15 seconds. You may do this 5-8 times. Cat Pose is a stress-buster, stretches the muscles mainly back, and beneficial for your first trimester as it promotes proper blood circulation.

Veerbhadra asana

Veer means warrior. This asana is also known as the warrior pose. Best for your first trimester and you should do it empty stomach. It is beneficial for better posture, but make sure you twist and turn in the right angle. You may hold it for 30 seconds on one side. Veerbhadrasana (warrior yoga pose) truly energizes your body and keeps you away from feeling lethargic

Keep Meditating

Meditation is a must during any stage of pregnancy. It helps in keeping your mind and soul at peace, and moreover, brings calmness in this difficult phase. Regular meditation gives you the strength to handle all your mood swings and criticality. Remember, no matter how much negativity is around you, during pregnancy, you always need to inhale only positive things for the health of yourself and your baby. Meditation helps you to gain the positive despite the odds around. You may also practice pranayama on a regular basis. There are certain pranayama that shouldn’t be done during pregnancy, like kapalbhati, etc, hence consult your instructor before practicing any pranayama.

Please…avoid these asanas in the first trimester of pregnancy

  • Sun saturation is a heavy exercise that could strain your body. You should avoid doing this.
  • It would be great if you avoid locust posture as well, as it gives strain on your belly which is unhealthy for both baby and mother.
  • Boat pose and plow posture also stretch your belly, so you shouldn’t perform this during your pregnancy.

Sarvyoga takeaway

Many ladies do not have an idea about yoga and they decide to practice during pregnancy. Those ladies should be very cautious, as doing things yourself can result in any mishappening. You should always consult a certified prenatal yoga trainer. Remember that you shouldn’t perform rigorous yoga without break. Rather, you must always take rest whenever you feel exhausted. Avoid too much twisting and turning. Focus on your posture balancing rather than weight loss, because during pregnancy you are anyway not going to lose weight. Relax when the yoga session is completed.

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