yoga for Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Yoga Asanas for the Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Hey all gorgeous mommy-to-be, we hope you are having a happy time with your second trimester. Here we are with some really beneficial points for this phase. So, the second trimester is a relaxing period. People call it a happy time. You have successfully crossed the first trimester which is a bit difficult as one feels dizziness, nausea, mood swings, morning sickness, etc. Your belly must have grown but not too much to hamper your physical ability and fitness. It mustn’t be visible in the 2nd month, and slightly visible in the 5th month. This is the best time to utilize. If you are a regular yoga practitioner, you may continue with your prenatal asanas to energize yourself. If you a beginner, then what are you waiting for? Join prenatal yoga classes now. In this article, we will discuss yoga asanas for the second trimester of your pregnancy. Don’t forget to consult your doctor before starting.

Tips to be Taken care During your Second Trimester

Be soft with yourself

You are facing a lot of change in your body. Joints may pain, other issues may occur, so please be very soft and gently with yourself and your body. Don’t exert yourself with heavy asanas and don’t get disturbed with your changing body. It’s a different phase of life, accept it nicely.

Understand your body needs

Know that your gradually growing belly is going to affect your posture. Try with standing postures with support ofcourse. Ask your instructor how to change the pose without sudden twist. Be confident, you can do it.

Abdominal muscles are sensitive, don’t stress

It’s totally ok if you are not able to stretch yourself like you used to do before. You are pregnant and going to give a life soon. Changes are bound to happen. Don’t try to aggressive and stretch your abdominal muscles while trying yoga asanas in the second trimester of your pregnancy. Abdominal muscles are extremely sensitive during this time, avoid stressing them.

No back-pressure

It would be great if you avoid giving pressure to your back as well. Try not to lie on your back. It might minimize blood flow to the uterus and you may feel weak. Do lift your upper body using pillow or blanket while you are lying on bed.

Analyze your baby’s choices

By the end of fifth month, you might have analyzed when your baby is showing activity and when not. Try to do poses your baby likes.

Yoga asanas for the second trimester of the pregnancy

You may continue the asanas you were practicing during the first trimester of your pregnancy. Along with them, try these as well:

yoga for Second Trimester of Pregnancy
yoga for Second Trimester of Pregnancy


Circulate your head front and back, and then left and right. Do this opposite side also and breathe softly. Circulate your shoulders the same way. Do this for around4-6 times. This relieves stress from your mind and makes you relaxed. Also removes any strain from neck and shoulders.

Half butterfly asana

Outstretch your legs. Place the right foot on the folded right leg. The right hand has to be above the folded knee. With the left hand, grip the toes of the right foot and softly breathe pushing the knee downward. Do the same with another leg. It strengthens the leg joints.

Full Butterfly posture

Sit down and join the souls of your knee together with the legs close to the body. Hold the joined souls with both the hands and bounce the knees upside and downward at a faster speed. Just like the butterfly shakes her wings. The butterfly pose will make your legs relaxed. This loosens up hip joints and tremendously promotes blood circulation.

Vajrasana/ thunderbolt posture

Sit on the floor on the knees. Your toes should be together and some gap should be between the souls of the leg. Your hips will pressurize the heels as it is a sitting posture. Make sure your back and head are aligned and straight. This asana should be done once a day and you may sit in this for as long as you are comfortable. Don’t strain yourself. Among all the yoga asanas, Vajrasana is the most effective during the second trimester of the pregnancy, as it improves the posture and structure of your body.

Palm Tree posture

It is a standing posture. Join the feet and put your hands at the side. Lift your hands upward as you breathe in, join the fingers, and turn the palm upward. Bring hands down while you exhale. Repeat 4-5 times, or as per your capacity. The palm tree Pose is a great stressbuster, and also improves posture.

tadasana steps

Cat pose

Sit like a cat with the pressure on your palms and knees. Breathe in and lift your head upwards, here the movement of the spine is important. While you breathe out, bring back your head facing the floor. This is good for the neck and spine. Pregnant ladies should practice Cat pose regularly.


Sit at vajrasana and slightly bend forward. Place a pillow in the front and put the head on the pillow. Stretch your arms and breathe softly. Relax. If your body isn’t allowing it, then better avoid. Most ladies feel relaxed while performing Balasana the Child pose.

VirBhadra Asana

Stand straight with shoulders and head in-line. Your feet must be on a few feet distance. Turn one foot on 90 degrees, inhale and raise your arms till the shoulders, breathe out and bend down the knee of the same leg. Turn the head on the bend leg direction and try to look at another leg. Take note of the breathing pattern. Virabhadrasana is a muscle-strengthening asana and rejuvenates you from inside.


Stand with both the feet at a distance. Inhale and bring your arms parallel to the floor, while exhaling, bend on the right side, and stretch the right hand gently to bring closer the right foot. Do not take too much pressure, do it gently. Gradually come back to the posture. Repeat if your body allows. trikonasana magically improves blood circulation and relaxes the body from any kind of joint pain.


The most relaxing and essential among all the asanas that should be performed in the second trimester of your pregnancy is Yog Nidra. Normally, the practitioner lies down on the back and relaxes, but pregnant ladies are advised to lie down on the side of their stomach. Inhale-exhale gently and focus on your baby and healthy pregnancy. Relax!!!

Sarvyoga takeaway

Every pregnancy has different necessities and complications. Analyze your body demands with the help of your doctor and yoga instructor and do as per their advice. While some asanas are completely safe to perform, there are a few postures that are recommended to perform only under instructors. We wish you a happy second trimester!  

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