Yoga for office workers

What about our office going friends? Is any yoga for office workers is present or what are the yogic activities which they can perform in the stressful Environment of their office. So, here we mention topmost Yoga techniques for our office going friends. Who are busy in their table & chair working, and haven’t ample time for any workouts.

Yoga-for-office-workers-corporate-yogaPerforming yoga at the office is an awesome relaxation method for those people who have hectic schedules or those who are working on the Computer for a long duration. Stretched desk job leads lots of strain on the neck, shoulder, eyes, mind and back muscles. CTS (Carpal tunnel syndrome), back pain, depression, anxiety, and stress are very common but very lethal issue, by which most of the office going people are suffering.

Yogic activities give an outstanding stretch to your muscles also improves your body flexibility. Adding Yoga into your daily office routine can be hugely beneficial in kicking out stress, anxiety; depression along with Yoga will help you to make your muscles stronger, preventing injuries and improves the output for your work.

Yoga for office workers

Here are some easy to do Yogic activities for Workplace which can be done at the workstation at any time of the day.

  • Eye Rolling

Gazing the screen of your office computer for a long time an affect your eyes performance. So, look up without moving your neck and look down by your eyes for 2 or 3 minutes. After this, roll your eyes in clockwise & in Anti-clockwise direction also for 2 to 3 minutes. Then, close your eyes for some time and rub your palms with each other and touch your eyes and gently open your eyes.

  • Rolling your Neck

The neck is also is an important part, which is easily affected. For this, Close your eyes and keep your chin down towards your chest. Move your neck gently in circular motion, from your right ear to the right shoulder. Tilt your head backward and turn from left ear to the left shoulder. Repeat this around 4 to 5 times.

  • Forward Bend

Keep your chair little away from your desk. And put your feet strongly on the floor. Then, Lock your fingers behind the back but keep your arms straight. Next, bend at your waist and bring your locked fingers on top of the back. Next, take your chest just near to thighs and relax your neck.

  • Spinal Twist

Turn your body in the chair. Keep your feet strongly on the ground. Next, Grab (tight Grip) the chair by hands and twist yourself towards the right. After that, follow the same procedure to the other side.

  • Palms facing upwards (Eagle Arms)

Stretch your arms in front of the body. Your palms should face upwards. Keep your right arm over your left and close the palms together. Then, Raise your elbows while moving the shoulders down back. Follow the same steps with your other arm.

  • Wrist Roll

Put your hands straight in front of you. Grab your left-hand wrist by your right hand (right-hand palms should be facing up) and slowly rotate your left-hand wrist in a circular motion (Clockwise and in Anti Clockwise) for few minutes. Imitate the same steps with your right wrist.

  • Reverse Prayer Pose

You can also perform this amazing pose while you’re sitting in your office chair. Wrist rolls & Reverse Prayer pose is a very important exercise for your wrist. In CTS (Carpal tunnel syndrome) Reverse prayer pose is very beneficial for you to enjoy this pose.

  • Tadasana

Tadasana is also good stretching as well as relaxing exercise for you. It is simple and easy to do Asana. You can also perform this while sitting on the chair (by raising your hands up and finger should be interlocked with each other)

Is meditation & deep breathing exercises can be done while sitting on the chair?

Yes sure, you can do breathing exercises & meditation even you are sitting in your office chair. Meditation and breathing technique can be magically beneficial in relieving your office stress and improves your focusing level.

You can easily practice Pranayama during your office hours. Just close your eyes and start doing Anulom Vilom or Normal deep breathing for few minutes. Or you can also try meditation while sitting on the chair. Just close your eyes and empty your mind from thoughts; focus on your inhalation and exhalation. This will provides you clarity, calmness and relaxes your body.

Apart from that, drink water regularly or energy drinks. If you feel some laziness then, wash your face with cold water. One important thing sits on the chair with a correct pose or chooses the chair in which you are comfortable. Don’t tilt forward during typing or any work. Time to time move your feet in circular motion.

While you are in the home, avoid your office work, try to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Take dinner with your family if it is possible for you. Before going to office take your breakfast.

(Om Namaha Shivaay) 

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