Yoga for depression

8 Yoga Asanas for Depression and Anxiety

There is no second thought that acute stress and over-thinking leads to depression. Depression isn’t the most-discussed topic only because of the trend, it is actually one serious issue that has been neglected for ages. Since the sudden demise of the famous actor Sushant Singh Rajput, the mass is in a shocking state and isn’t yet able to overcome this grief.

Better late than never, people are now opening-up and talking about this subject. Helping hands are coming for those suffering from mental-crisis. Actress Deepika Padukone is known to discuss depression in public. So it is happening for good. But here it is extremely important to understand, that it’s only us, who can help ourselves. So, we need to know what to do, and how to help ourselves when depression tries to grip. The simple answer is, nothing better than doing yoga. Yoga asanas magically relieve stress, anxiety, and depression and set you free from worries. No, it is not any magic, it is a method to calm the mind down and allow only positive thoughts to flow-in.

Yoga for depression

What is depression?

It is understandable that there are days when you wake up and it is a horrible morning. You are distressed, nearly dead out of fatigue. Depression is like that only. It doesn’t come with fixed symptoms, someday you are in a happy mode, and other minute you would want to cry aloud. The heavy heart in you won’t allow your mood to cheer up! Sorting it sooner helps in healing fast. Look around yourself, there might be people with a face-mask of happy outside and shattered from within. Help them, they might need your help. Yoga helps this situation from the root and treats depression, stress, anxiety naturally.

YogaPoses to get rid from anxiety and depression

Balasan Yoga for depression

This asana is easy, and since it’s easy, people find it funny or confusing to perform. Allow us to tell you, that this yoga asana lets you recover from depression, anxiety, or stress by calming down your constantly running mind and lets you relax inside-out. It gives peace and serenity to your personality, leaving a tinge of happiness which slowly spreads your entire body, and makes you a complete happy-cheerful person. Balasana means the posture of a baby, which means it is one comfortable yoga posture. Once you know how to perform balasana make sure you be in the position for a few minutes and increase the time gradually after a few days.  

Vajrasana (Diamond Pose)

Vajra means thunderbolt and a weapon of God of rain-IndraDev. It indicates the power, strength of oneself. It, directly and indirectly, says strength stays within all, one needs to identify it. Performing vajrasana the right way is important. It is to be noted that the practitioner should do it well, and come out of it well. It will be best if you do it on the floor using a yoga mat. Vajrasana might look simple, but doing this asana the right way and correct posture is extremely necessary. It along with rectifying the body posture heals the mind. It throws out any negative thoughts and let the body take the positives and goods. Practicing vajrasana regularly is a great medicine that helps to overcome depression.   

Halasana the Plow Yoga Pose for depression

This is an advanced yoga pose. Hal in Hindi means plow, which is an agricultural instrument used for sowing seeds and farming, asana is yoga posture. Just like a plow, the body moves and forms the position in halasana. The work done by a plow for the farmers and for the land is somewhat the same as the work done by plow asana to our bodies. It rejuvenates our body from inside and lets go of any odd thoughts out in the trash.

Practicing the plow pose on a regular base helps the body to recover from any stomach problems like constipation, excess tummy, lethargy, tiredness, etc. The flexibility gained by the body automatically converts into regaining confidence, which helps in overcoming depression or any mental issue.  Click here to know how to do Halasana.


Chakra means wheel, chakrasana means wheel pose. In this asana, the body makes a chakra, while palm and leg soul stay at the floor for support. This is an advanced level of yoga posture which is extremely very helpful for back pain. Once a person starts practicing Chakrasana, in a few days, freshness and activeness will be visible in the body clearly. Performing this asana is a real stress-buster. This asana gives body and minds much-needed energy. It is essential for those who are feeling mentally unstable due to external pressure and feels that they are entering the drastic world of depression. Immediately start practicing this asana, to find the ease. Along with this, it is helpful in reducing excess weight and making a flexible body. know how to do chakrasana

Padmasana The Lotus Yoga Pose for depression

We call Padmasana as Lotus pose. This is helpful in curing all problems related to digestion. It promotes spinal strength and lets the mind calm down, and mood cheer-up. Practicing Padmasana regularly keeps depression and stress away, far away. The reason why you should do this posture before doing pranayama is the balanced flow of blood. At first it may give a slight pain, but gradually body will get used to it and you’ll start feeling comfortable sitting at Padmasana. Click here to know how to perform padamasana.


You may call Uttanasana as forward-bending. It stretches the whole body and gives amazing muscle workout. Performing this asana gives extreme flexibility. This asana magically calms down the mind and allows the body to throw away any stress or depression. Anxiety disappears when you start performing Uttanasana regularly. It helps the body in proper blood flow and strengthens the internal organs. This asana involves stretching the whole back of the body, hence it also helps in relief in the back pain. Click to know the correct way of performing Uttanasana.

Natarajasana The Lord of the Dance Pose

Natrajasana is also known as Lord of Dance pose. Nataraja is Lord Shiva, and Lord Shiva performs dance when angry, his dancing avatar is called Nataraja. You’ll be amazed to know the numerous benefits of Natarajasana. The way this asana handles and balances the body is stunning. It is a difficult asana but we advise you to perform when you see a sign of depression in yourself. The muscle movement in this is outstanding. It makes joint more powerful and body super flexible. It makes your muscles stronger than ever and minds peaceful and calm. Know how to perform Natrajasana.

Savasana the Corpse Yoga Pose for depression

Among all Yoga asanas, this is a real stress-buster that cures depression and anxiety. It helps your body to relax and let the stiffness vanish. You may perform savasana for hours or just a few minutes. It regulates the blood flow, cools down the running mind, holds the constant thoughts, heals the mind, and whatnot. You should perform this asana after the completion of yoga sessions every day, you may also do this asana while sleeping. Practicing Savasana repairs any mental tension going on, and takes you to a divine world of peace and serenity. It is a lovely asana, as you just have to lie down on the floor upon your yoga mat, or even on a bed, and leave your body to relax. Click here to know how to perform Savasana.     

Sarvyoga takeaway

You can treat depression and anxiety with these Yoga asanas. Guidance of Guru is important in performing any asana. Some of these asanas include advanced or difficult postures. If you are a fresher, you shouldn’t begin it without any assistance.

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