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YOGA AID in Stress Management

Stress, anxiety and depression have made their way in everyone’s life with the ongoing pandemic COVID-19. Approximately 80% of the visits to doctors are stress-related. People have started to freak out on having a minor body ache. The most common problems that arise as a result of stress are –

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Hypertension
  • Hypotension
  • Weight gain
  • Migraine

Since the last few months, a lot has changed in human life. People, now, have a completely different lifestyle than they used to have. Many new stress management techniques have arrived in the world which might or might not be successful. But the ancient practice of yoga has been acknowledged in these times more than any other technique. Everyone is focussing on the benefits of practicing yoga for stress management as this is the only technique one can practice at home without any side effects.

Yoga postures and exercises include asanas (Yoga Poses), pranayamas (Breathing Exercise), meditation which help to overcome stress by relaxing the mind.

How does yoga help?

The main principle of yoga techniques is that your body and mind are one and connected. Stress in either of them will cause an imbalance among them and there is automatic stress to the other and vice versa. Practicing yoga helps to rebalance them. Some yoga postures are such that help the body and mind to be relaxed and at ease to get rid of anything that is running in the mind.

To expect any positive results out of yoga, practice, and belief are the key points that one should keep in mind. You have to believe that practicing yoga regularly will help you to get rid of any kind of stress.

Benefits of yoga to manage stress

Improved sleep

Many people complain of not being able to sleep and having insomnia because their mind keeps on focusing on unwanted things. Some exercises of yoga help you to relax the mind and sleep peacefully.

Increased concentration

Some exercises of yoga also help to improve concentration to deal with a stressful mind. A person is able to concentrate on good things rather than those that increase stress.

Increased energy

Yoga deals with stress management by breathing exercises. These exercises teach you inhaling and exhaling techniques which in turn leads to slower breath patterns. These slow breathing patterns bring positive energy and also improve the oxygen supply to the body, hence reducing stress.

Inner healing

Having stress can slow down the inner healing of a body. During periods of extreme stress, people usually break down as they are unable to think with a calm mind. Practicing proper yoga postures helps to build up strength at times of extreme stress.

Boost confidence

stress usually breaks down a person by making him feel confused and indecisive. A person cannot think properly if he is under stress. Yoga relieves stress and hence builds confidence.

Other benefits

There are many other benefits of practicing yoga during stressful times such as reduced cortisol levels, allergy and asthma symptoms relief, normal adjustment of blood pressure, spiritual growth, sense of well being, slowed aging process, increased strength and flexibility, etc.

Final Words

The benefits of yoga are numerous. The only drawback is commitment. You have to commit time to yoga daily and practice it regularly. Then only, you will be able to extract most of the benefits. There are multiple ways by which yoga can help to reduce stress and relax the mind. Yoga targets the body by lifting up the mood and increasing self-compassion. Ultimately, when you are in a good mood, you will worry less and your mind will be diverted away from all the stressful events.

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