Vrikshasana {Tree Pose}-Steps And Benefits

vrikshasana-tree-pose-to-make-the-legs-strong-yogaThe name ‘Vrikshasana’ is comes from Sanskrit, in which ‘Vriksha’ means Tree and meaning of Asana is to seat, pose or posture. When this pose is performed effectively, it would seem that a tree. As it were, you stop like a tree in the last position of this stance. The leg that you are remaining on resembles a trunk attached to the ground with arms and the other leg and the head go about as branches and clears out. So it is called Tree pose. This Pose has a place with the Inverted Balancing gathering of stances. It is a standout amongst the most troublesome, intriguing and powerful yoga postures.

The Tree Pose Yoga is helpful for individuals experiencing postural disfigurements of spine, joint inflammation of joints of upper and lower furthest points, shortcoming of legs and shoulders and gentle happiness.

Name: – Vrikshasana.

English Name: – Tree Pose.

Position: – Standing.

Steps of Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)

  • First stand properly and straightly, and place your feet together keep your knees completely straight.
  • Keep your arms at the particular sides.
  • Without twisting your left knee, lift up your right foot and hold the lower leg (ankle) from your right hand.
  • Now fold your right leg at the knee joint.
  • By using your both hands, put the right heel on the left thigh as high as could be expected under the circumstances. Your toes indicating downwards.
  • Your right heel ought to press within the thigh.
  • Now try to balance yourself on the left leg.
  • After that join your palms and fingers and place them to the side of your left leg.
  • Also join your palms and fingers and place them to the mid-section of your chest, at that point your fingers should indicating upwards like Namaskar pose or petition to God posture.
  • Now breathe in and lift up your held hands gradually over your head.
  • Try to stretch up yourself and stand straight along with keeping your balance.
  • Look in straight and keep up this posture breathing ordinarily (Hold the position as long as you can).
  • Breathe out and bring down your hands to the chest.
  • Come back to the initial position.
  • Repeat the pose with your other leg.

Surya namaskar

Benefits of Vrikshasana

  • Strengthens the spine.
  • It strengthens the tendons and ligaments of the feet.
  • It tones up the leg muscles.
  • Strengthens the knee.
  • Flexibles the hip joints.
  • Strengthens the inner ears, eyes and shoulders.
  • Beneficial in sciatica and useful in flat feet problem.
  • Gives calmness to mind and makes you body sturdy as well as flexible.
  • Boost the concentration and mental faculties.
  • Best for problems related to postural problems.

NOTE: – Avoid this Asana if you are suffering from insomnia, low or high blood pressure and migraine. People with high B.P. may do this pose without raising your hands overhead.

The learners might think that it’s hard to bring the left foot high inside the right thigh. One can bring it lower on the right leg yet never straightforwardly on the right knee. The same applies in the converse position. You can likewise at first practice by holding the divider for equalization. To help your fixation before beginning the activity, take a few full breaths and fix your look on a point specifically before you.

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