Uttanpadasana (Leg Raised Pose)

There are so many Asana in the context of Yoga and Uttanpadasana is one of them. It is a classic pose that is performed in the position of supine. Uttanpadasana coined from Sanskrit word. In this, ‘Ut’ means to lift, ‘Tan’ is to extend or stretch and the meaning of ‘Pada’ is the leg. This yoga pose reduces and tones your belly coz you have to lift up both of your legs. So, this yoga posture is also known as Leg raised pose and sometimes it is known by Dwipadasana (‘Dwi’ stands for two and Pada represents the legs).

Steps of Uttanpadasana

  • First, come into a supine position with your back on the floor. Keep your both feet and knees together and breathe normally.
  • Exhale, and make a little arch from your back by raising your chin up & turn your head back until the crown of your head is touching the ground (You may use your hands to keep your head in backward position).
  • Place your arms at your sides and take normal breathing.
  • After that, extend (stretch) your back and take a deep breath.
  • Next, lift your both legs at an angle of 50 degrees from the floor.
  • After that, raise your both arms parallel to the floor and above to your torso.
  • Not that, you have to keep your legs & arms straight, don’t bend your elbows or knees during the pose, and take normal breathe (You can keep your hands on your sides if you are uncomfortable to lifting).
  • Maintain your bodyweight only the crown of your head and on your buttocks. Hold the position for few seconds.
  • After that, lower down your both legs and arms along with breathing deeply.
  • Rest in Corpse pose and follow the same procedure for five times.

Benefits of Uttanpadasana (Leg Raised Pose)

  • Leg Raised Pose is beneficial in stomach disorders (Indigestion, acidity, and constipation).
  • Makes your abdominal region stronger and strengthens your hip, back & thigh muscles.
  • Beneficial in arthritis pain, waist pain, and heart problems also.
  • This yoga pose cures back pain.
  • Leg Raised Pose reduces your belly fats and tones your stomach muscles.
  • It improves the digestive system.
  • Excellent for those, who are looking for 6 packs abs.


In case of high blood pressure, ulcer, and slip disc or in any abdominal surgery strictly avoid this yoga Pose. Pregnant women avoid this Asana and don’t practice this pose in days of periods. If you find any difficulties you can take the support of a wall. Remember one thing do all the Yogic activities in a correct way and under the supervision of an expert teacher. You can also practice this Asana with one leg.

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