Top 3 Yoga Poses That Perfectly Complement BJJ

BJJ is known to be one of the best combat games in the world. Even if we look at it technically, we will see that there are so many different techniques and each technique has its own significance. Even your stance, the movement of your hand, the way you balance your body plays a very important role. However, it is known as the human chest, which means you are not just going to need full control of your body but also full control of your mind. Staying mindful means that even if you are standing in the middle of the ring and your eyes are closed, you need to sense the person standing against you and through the feeling you need to combat with him. Apart from this, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu works as the foundation of most combat games and exercises so if you are good at BJJ you will be able to learn other combat styles easily and you will perform much better as well.

Most people think that yoga is not so impactful because it just helps you to improve your breathing. However, if we look at yoga technically, we will see that yoga is the unification of mind and body. You are performing exercises but your mind is present and your breathing is in full sync with your movement. Overall, each step is important and you need to carefully assess how you take the next. This is a vital part of both yoga and BJJ. With the help of yoga, you will have full control of your mind and body so you will perform much better in BJJ as compared to someone who has no clue about any other combat game.

With the help of this article, we will highlight the benefits of yoga that make it a perfect supporting exercise for BJJ. We will also mention some of the most important poses that will help you ease your BJJ journey and we will also discuss the significance of each move so you can learn why this pose is important and how it will help you.

How does Yoga help With BJJ?

Most people claim that yoga is a completely different thing that BJJ and there are no similarities. However, experts say that no doubt yoga is different and BJJ is different but they share common grounds. If you practice yoga it will not only help your real life, it will also help you become better at BJJ and other combat games. Some of the main ways BJJ helps the grapplers include:

  • Yoga helps in increasing flexibility in the body which eventually reduces the chance of injury or pain.
  • Yoga helps with improving the focus of mind and eventually, this will help you stay constant and motivated throughout the game
  • Yoga helps with strength and endurance which will help you work out without getting tired easily.
  • Yoga improves posture which will also improve your body stance and offer you a better way to attack and defend yourself when you are on the mat.
  • Yoga helps in controlling the mind so you can stay calm in all situations and focus on improving everything rather than losing your motivation.
  • Yoga is excellent for overall body health which will also boost your immunity helping you work out every day.

Top 3 Yoga Poses That Every BJJ Fighter Must Try

There are so many different yoga poses but most people are only familiar with the basic meditation pose where you have to sit straight. However, yoga is much more than just a few poses. Some of the best poses that are recommended by instructors have been listed. These poses will not only help you work on your flexibility but also help you improve your mental abilities include:


Virasana is an incredible yoga pose that almost every combat fighter uses. This pose is also known as the hero pose. You just have to sit down on the floor and keep your legs tucked under your buttock. You need to look straight and maintain a good posture. You also need to work on your breathing. This is a very good exercise to maintain your dominance over your opponent. When you attack your opponent, you have to stay on top and keep your overall body weight on him.


This pose is a little difficult but it will help you improve your body flexibility and work on your back muscles. This pose is also known as Plough Pose. This pose is very good for the time when you are held in some kind of choke or hold. It will help you prepare for better breathing even in the worst positions.


This pose is also known as the cobra pose where you lay down flat on your belly and with the help of your forehands and arms you lift up your body. This pose is incredible for your back muscles, especially for your spine. You will have so many instances when you are held between the legs of your opponent and the pressure is on your spine. This pose will help you prepare for that situation.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, yoga helps with flexibility that is the base of BJJ. Since BJJ is the only combat exercise that perfectly complements a small body structure that is flexible, yoga offers you the exact body type. You will not only lose fat, but you will also see that your body is becoming strong. Apart from this, yoga is a perfect way to improve your focus and it will help you stay in full control of the situation. Most people freak out and panic if they get into a submissive pose. Eventually, they end up losing all the motivation to fight back. With yoga, you will be able to calm yourself in all conditions which give you an edge over your opponent. Even if you get in a compromising or vulnerable position, you will be able to gain back the dominance in no time. Most people feel that yoga has helped them in a way that their body pains after hardcore BJJ sessions have improved.

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