Swadishthan the Sacral chakra

The Most Powerful Chakra-Swadishthan or Sacral

A balanced chakra allows a person to reach his full potential as an individual in various facets of life. For this, we should know what exactly chakras are. The second chakra is known as Swadishthan or the Sacral Chakra. This chakra is related to the beauty of inner creativity. It is the depth of knowledge that we all have within. This chakra takes us to a deep level of inspiration and makes the mind wide open so that the mind is able to see and feel the beauty around. This chakra helps the body and soul to be real and to witness the supreme reality. It also enables concentration, attentiveness, creativity, etc.  

We read about the first chakra Muladhara, now in this article, you will read the various aspects of the second chakra as per ancient texts on Kundalini Yoga


  • It is described as a junction of pleasure, sexuality, and reproduction.
  • Sacral Chakra or Swadishthan is located at the base of genital organs described as DHWAJ MOOL in Sanskrit.
  • The energy vortex is depicted as a lotus with 6 petals. Each of the petals has a distinct sound associated with it. Clockwise these sounds are BAM, BHAM, MAM, YAM, Ram, and LAM.
  • This is considered as a sacred Realm of Element Water. Water is governed by Lord Varuna
  • VAM is beej mantra of Lord Varuna and this chakra as well
  • The sacral chakra is said to be illuminated like the Brightness of half-moon.
  • The Deity Lord Varuna is depicted riding on a MAKARA or crocodile as his vehicle.
  • Being that place of the body where water element is most dominant it is associated with Planet Moon. Since the cycle of moon affects water on earth, it similarly affects humans too. “Moonstruck” and “Lunatic” words find their origin in mystical effect of moon on the human psyche.
  • The male deity residing in the chakra is a form of Supreme Being VISHNU, and is known as Lord Hari. Lord Hari residing here is full of youth, Blue in color, having 4 arms, wearing yellows garments with shining kaustubh mani or gem. He showers wealth on spiritual seekers

Female Deity, color and more

  • The female deity is Goddess Rakini, described as having 4 arms. Each arm carrying a different weapon. She is sitting on a blue-colored lotus almost in an intoxicated state of mind, depicted by two heads wearing celestial clothes.
  • Sacral Chakra is the sexual center that’s why forms of divine couple Vishnu and Laxmi reside here. The couple together gives wealth and maintenance to the seeker.  
  • One who meditates on this chakra wins over ahamkara or false identification and all other associated doshas. A practitioner becomes top-class yogi, shining with the brightness of the sun and dispelling the darkness of illusion.
  • This chakra gives command over the sense of sound to an extent that words flow like nectar in poetry
  • The color associated with this chakra is Orange.
  • It is considered the most powerful chakra which allows a person to find his true identity and live to his full potential.

Physical Aspects

Endocrinal gland, Gonad- testes for men, ovaries for women-is associated with this chakra. The Testes produces testosterone along with sperms and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). The Ovaries produce ova or eggs along with estrogen. This chakra commands the Prana supply to important internal organs in the pelvic areas like kidneys, urinary bladder, liver etc.

Imbalanced chakra leads to a specific set of diseases such as Bladder problem, frigidity, gall bladder and kidney stones, reproductive organs, vaginal cancer, prostate cancer. Lower back pain and menstrual cycle irregularity is also due to issues in this Sacral Chakra.

Swadishthan the Sacral chakra
Swadishthan the Sacral chakra

Blockage of Sacral or Swadishthan Chakra

This chakra is basically the place where true identity resides. As you are no different from the universe but part of it but playing your role as an individual. This very understanding is important to be very at home with yourself. It allows you to set realistic goals in life and reach assiduously to your full potential.

Constantly in a flux of identity crisis is the key mental issue related to Sacral chakra. People with imbalance in this energy centre have issues in relationships like marital discord, connection with children, unaccepted among peers, aloofness from society etc.

Fear and phobias are also very prominent with people having blocked energy at this vortex. The common ones are:-

  1. Fear of venturing into unknown.
  2. Getting attacked without reason.
  3. Feeling under spell of black magic.
  4. Constantly thinking of all people to be manipulative.

Self doubt, apprehension and diffidence doesn’t allow such a person to find any connection with people around him.

Reversely, attuned chakra leads to a great feeling of self-acceptance. The individual creates his own personal space, defends it, and carves out his own unique identity. People feel automatically attracted to a confident person without inhibition and apprehensions. Happy, Joyous, and energetic lifestyle, are the traits of the balanced sacral chakra.

Ways to balance Sacral or Swadishthan Chakra

Metal and Gem

SILVER is the metal, while the white pearl is the gem that is associated with this energy center. They are said to absorb and internally transmit the moon rays, according to the need of the person wearing it. Most people with anger issues are suggested by Gemologists to wear white pearls in fingers.  


Yoga Poses For Swadishthan Chakra

Following postures are very beneficial in energizing and balancing imbalanced sacral chakra:-

  1. Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana)
  2. Reverse Warrior pose (Viparita Virbhadraasan)
  3. Wide Legged forward bend (Prasarit Padottanasana)
  4. Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)
  5. Reclined bound angle pose (sputa badhha Konasana)
  6. Frog pose (Manduk Asana)
  7. Rabbit pose (Sasangasana)
  8. Seated hand to leg pose (Paschimottan Asana)


Just like Mooladhaar, this chakra is also activated by the regular practice of Kapaalbhanti. Kapaalbhanti is not listed as Pranayama in traditional yoga texts, but a technique of cleansing or SHATTKARM.

Moolbandha or root lock is very effective too. In modern medical science, Kegel exercise is very commonly used as an alternative. However, in yoga scriptures, the Ashwini Mudra or Horse technique of squeezing and releasing the muscles of the genital area is said to be very beneficial.


Since water is the commanding element associated with this energy center, Varun mudra is suggested. Thumbs gently touching the tip of the small finger, while keeping rest three fingers straight should be practiced at least 21 minutes a day for results. In some cases of urinary inconsistence, APAAN MUDRA is also suggested. Know more about Yoga Mudras.

Sarvyoga Takeaway

While working on this Chakra, an accomplished Guru is a prerequisite. Hath Yoga postures, Sound Therapy, Chanting of Beej Mantra, Color concentration, wearing of a specific gem, and practice of hand mudra should be initiated only by a teacher who could access the problem well. Overindulgence in any of these balancing techniques can have very discomforting effects. In case of operation of cysts in ovaries or reproductive areas, no practice should be done until your doctor allows you to.

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