Siddhasana {The Accomplished Pose}-Steps And Benefits

SiddhasanaSanskrit Name: – Siddhasana (The Accomplished Pose)

Meaning: – Accomplish, achieve.

Position: – Sitting

Siddhasana is a Sanskrit word in which the meaning of ‘Siddha’ is achieve, accomplish or finish and the meaning of Asana is sit, pose or posture. Siddhasana is another simple meditative pose use for meditation or other yogic activities. In term of Hath Yoga Pradipika (Yoga text) Siddhasana is the fourth very effective sitting poses which suited for Dhyan (meditation). In Hatha Yoga Pradipika there are 84 different- different Asanas are mentioned; in this text it is said that every yoga learner must attempt Siddhasana, among the eighty four Asanas. According to the meditation practitioners, Siddhasana is the second best sitting asana after Padmasana (Lotus Pose.)So some yoga practitioners assume Siddhasana is the most effective of all Asanas for meditation. According to Hatha yoga Pradipika, the practice of this pose purifies all the 72,000 nadis or energy channels or energy gateway within the body, by which the prana flows. This Asana is simple to perform and suitable for everybody.

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Steps of Siddhasana (The accomplished pose)

  • Siddhasana_Accomplished_stepsFirst sit comfortably on the floor, keep your legs close to each other.
  • Now keep your left foot at the perineum. (The area is that the soft tissue between the anus and also the male reproductive gland). Females ought to place their left foot within the labia majora of the vagina.
  • Now keep your right foot over your left foot.
  • To create the pose steady, slide your right foot toes into the gap between the left calf muscles.
  • Your knees ought to touch the ground.
  • Keep your spine erect during the process.
  • You can press your chin against the chest.
  • Keep focusing in the space between the eyebrows.
  • You have to attentive to your respiration process.
  • Breathing should be natural and deep.
  • Place your hands on the knees, or you can make Jnana gesture of Chin gesture with the fingers.
  • Remain in this position for as long as you can.

Benefits of Siddhasana (The Accomplished Pose)

  • It is one of the important Asana used for meditation. One can maintain this position for a long duration.
  • Makes spinal column straight and steady.
  • In Siddhasana, the heel is kept pressed against the Muladhara This ensures that the energy currents flow upwards towards the spine.
  • This Asana gives the control over sex urge and the sexual functions.
  • It stabilizes the nervous system.


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Note: –

Step by step increase the time period of sitting in this Asana. Don’t go beyond over your abilities. Ask an expert before attempting any Yogic activities.

11 thoughts on “Siddhasana {The Accomplished Pose}-Steps And Benefits”

    1. Om! we are glad that you liked our work. Your appreciation motivates us to do more better and hard work.
      Keep connected with us.

  1. It gives backpain. Very effective asana but very difficult to master it. Can’t do more than 2-3 minutes or else pain in my lower back. Any suggestion highly appreciated.

    1. OM! @Aditya, Nice to hear from you. I think you’re a new face to Yogic activities That’s why you feel back pain. But don’t worry. First of all, perform this sitting Asana as much as you can or as much as you are comfortable. If you having back pain during this then take the support of the wall or you can little bit twilt forward but not too much. Before performing this Pose practice Makrasana it gives relief in your back pain. Whenever you feel any pain or strain in any part which is unbearable then release the pose. One more thing keep your eyes closed and focus on your breathing.
      Sarvyoga Team

    1. @Selvaraj, Thanks for your precious comment & we apologize for our late response.
      We mention or write about the asana according to our experience, but if you really wanna know the reference then you can go with Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Gherand Samhita and Hatha yoga Pradipika these are the best books for knowledge. In our college time, these books are in our syllabus, so we personally recommend these books for you.
      Thanks, May God bless you & keep connected with us.

  2. Dinesh,
    Thanks for your views.
    Sometimes it happens, Chant the Mantra slowly and calmly & breathe slowly if you are uncomfortable in this Asana, then Practice Padmasana. Padmasana is best for meditation.

  3. Some people say that siddhasan is not suitable for households.. siddhasan should be practiced by brahmacharis only..

    Is it true.. please guide me..

    First of all, thanks for landing here. Everybody can perform this Posture, if they haven’t any knee injury or knee pain.
    Basically “Siddha” means accomplished/Complete. This Pose is best for meditation.
    So, without any doubt and fear you can perform this Pose.
    Sarvyoga Team

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